Why RHOBH fans are outraged by Erica and Kyle’s Hypocritical Behavior


Erica Jane and Kyle Richards were branded hypocrites by viewers tuning in to season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after cameras caught Erica yelling at Garcel Bove’s teenage son, Jax. Kyle is the only remaining housewife of OG Beverly Hills, and Erica joined the series in season 6. Although Erica and Kyle have been involved in their separate share of problems on RHOBH (including Erica’s publicized lawsuits), their reputations have dropped significantly since then. Season 12 premiered in May.

This season, fans have already had problems with other RHOBH stars, such as Lisa Rinna and newcomer Sanela Diane Jenkins, and previews of the upcoming episode of the 12th season, which will be released on July 6, did not dispel concerns about the cast. Erica, who is clearly under the influence, yelled at Garcel’s son several times to “get the hell out,” several times at Garcel’s 55th birthday party. While Crystal Kung Minkoff escorted Jax out the door, the teenager was clearly upset by Erica’s unprovoked attack. And although Dorit Kemsley tried to keep the peace amid Erica’s tantrum, she was later caught laughing at the attack on Jax along with her husband P.K., Kyle and Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umanski.

While RHOBH fans on Reddit are outraged by Dorit, P.K. and Mauricio for dismissing Erica’s drunken outburst, it was Erica and Kyle who were branded the biggest hypocrites Real housewives. Viewers do not lose sight of the fact that, although Erica and Kyle had no problem tearing up Garcel’s son, it was Erica who had previously lost her cool on Eileen Davidson because of the slightest comment. When Eileen mentioned the analogy “it doesn’t look like [Dorit] killed your baby” during the Season 7 crew’s trip to Hong Kong, Erica told Eileen to “shut the hell up,” cried her eyes out and refused. listen to reason. And although Erica eventually came to her senses and apologized for her overreaction, RHOBH fans know that if one of the housewives yells at Erica’s son, as Erica yelled at Jax, they will have huge problems. Considering that Erica also threatened Sutton because she asked a question in season 11, but yelled at the teenager without any problems, it became clear to viewers that Erica is a hypocrite who has no problems with the same behavior she preaches against.

Kyle, who has also been branded a hypocrite on RHOBH in the past, is in the same hot spot, given that her youngest daughter Portia and son Garcel are 14 years old. “Isn’t Portia the same age? If any of the wives had told her to fuck off at Kyle’s party, it would have been a storyline for season 3,” one user wrote. In addition, dozens of commenters mentioned Kyle and Mauricio’s overreaction to Kyle’s ex-girlfriend, Lisa Vanderpump, jokingly spreading rumors of cheating before Portia in the 9th season of RHOBH. Fans aren’t just put off by Kyle’s hypocritical sermons. That “kids are banned” has been going on for the last 12 seasons, but many have noted that Kyle talked about her sister Kim’s alcoholism without thinking about how Kim’s kids would feel during the memorable limo fight in the first season.

While Erica has yet to comment on the scene or apologize for her behavior, Kyle has already doubled down and insisted that she was laughing at Erica’s drinking, not yelling at Jax. However, the fans and Garcel, who did not know about the confrontation at the time, did not buy it. Viewers are not only hoping to see Garcel call the women to the reunion of the 12th season of RHOBH, but also desperately need an overhaul of the cast of RHOBH before the expected 13th season of the series. Between Erica and Kyle’s hypocritical behavior, Lisa and Diane Jenkins’ microaggressions and Dorit’s lack of backbone, fans won’t be surprised if Garcel and Sutton are the only housewives who have kept their diamond after season 12.