Why RHOA Fans Doubt NeNe Leaks’ Blacklist Claims


NeNe Leakes continues to call out Bravo and accuse them of blacklisting her, but fans of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” question her claims. NeNe accuses the network that made her a household name of racism and discrimination. Her accusations began after she left the show in 2020, before the 13th season of RHOA. A few months after her departure, NeNe announced a boycott of Bravo, accusing them of discriminating against her because of her race. This year, she raised the stakes by suing the network, which could prove to be a lengthy process.

NeNe once called herself the highest paid housewife in all franchises. She was the acting OG at the time she left RHOA after 12 seasons. Initially, NeNe claimed that it ended in unsuccessful contract negotiations, but shortly after leaving, NeNe stated that the network was racist and favored white housewives over black housewives. She doubled down on those claims when filing the lawsuit in April. Although she did not sue Kim Zolciak-Biermann, NeNe accused her of racism behind the scenes. NeNe also noted that despite Kim’s alleged racism, she seems to have been rewarded with her own extra income, which lasted eight seasons.

Amid the trial, NeNe took to social media to inform fans that she was not backing down. Over the weekend, NeNe took to Twitter to talk about the “discrimination” through which she was allegedly arranged by Bravo. “Isn’t it amazing how one person on the network can have a problem with you and all the networks don’t work with you? Let’s talk about it,” Nene tweeted, adding a few selected hashtags. “Discrimination #retaliation #blacklisted #black ball #dishonest #doing this*t,” added Nene, who denied that she kidnapped her husband. Instead of rallying around Housewife OG, many fans called NeNe because of her story “difficulties” on screen and off-screen. “Nene, you burned these bridges!” said one critic. “The diva attitude tends to close doors,” someone else added.

Others noted NeNe’s absence at the recent reunion of the cast of the first season of RHOA on Carlos King’s OWN talk show The Night Cap. Fans wondered how NeNe could say that she was blacklisted if she also refuses to be interviewed for the press. The reunion included Kim, Lisa Wu, Cherie Whitfield and Dashon Snow. These four, along with NeNe, were the women who made RHOA famous, making fans feel very disappointed with the state of NeNe’s relationship with Bravo. While a few fans are supporting NeNe in her fight, the rest of the housewives community seems to be keeping their distance. Kandi Burruss stated that she did not agree with NeNe’s lawsuit, and Shari said that she had never faced any discrimination from the network.

Many people wonder how Nene could claim to have been discriminated against if she was paid more than any other housewife. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” continues without NeNe, and viewers are happy with how the 14th season is shaping up. Apparently, NeNe may never return to Bravo, but hopefully she will be able to return to reality TV on other networks. There are a number of networks that could use the ratings that NeNe is sure to bring.