Why RHOA Fans Aren’t Sure if Marlo is Holding a Peach


Marlo Hampton delivered questionable blows below the belt, because of which fans of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” argued whether she deserved to hold a peach in her hands. She’s stuck in a tangled feud with her longtime nemesis Kenya Moore. Since Marlo is now a full-time actor, she spends more time with new and returning housewives. So far, Marlo has had quarrels with both Kenya and Kandy Burruss. However, since Kenya always matches Marlo’s energy and never backs down before a showdown, the two alpha women constantly go for it.

In season 14 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo earned her peach for the first time after years of service as a friend. Many fans thought she more than deserved the title, given all the memorable moments she brought to the franchise. One feud that Marlo couldn’t finish is the feud with Kenya. The two enjoyed a brief truce in season 13 when they tried Portia William over a stripper scandal. However, when Porsha left the show before the 14th season, Marlo and Kenya returned to casting shadows on each other.

Viewers weren’t too impressed with how Marlo cast a shadow throughout the season. Bringing Kandy to tears and mocking Kenya’s divorce, fans criticized Marlo for her insults below the belt. As the season continues, fans are wondering if Marlo deserves her permanent spot. Reddit user u/Dial-M-for-Mediocre asked fans if they think Marlo will continue to hold a peach next season, or if they think she should return to the role of a friend. “She keeps shooting at Kandy and Kenya,” a Redditor user noted, while noting Marlo for “bringing the drama” to season 14. The fan explained why they have mixed feelings about Marlo staying on a permanent basis. “I like her shade, but she will never fight dirty, so sometimes I think she’s better off in small doses,” they said.

The fan also expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that Marlo talked about her family problems with her two young nephews on the show. Others agreed that Marlo might have to return to the role of a friend if her personal storyline only involves low treatment of other ladies and “exploitation of her nephews,” as one Redditor put it. One fan said that Marlo may not have a very good first season, and remarked that her peach in the second season may depend on her performance at the upcoming reunion. “If she’s not completely destroyed, like she has a neutral performance and good applause from time to time, she’ll at least get another season,” they explained. Given the reviews, fans aren’t necessarily anti-Marlowe, but she’s far from a fan favorite.

Marlo is still just starting to imagine herself as a housewife. Nevertheless, despite all the work she has done as a friend in the series, fans are still willing to give her a chance to prove herself. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has certainly brought drama this season, and whether fans like it or not, that’s the main reason they watch the show. Marlo may want to change the way she casts a shadow, or face a negative reaction from viewers who will demand her removal. At the moment, she needs to prepare for the reunion readings, because Kenya has warned that she is ready to descend on her enemy, and Kandy will probably join her.


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