Why RHOA Fans Are Worried about Cherie Dating Martell Holt


Fans of Cherie Whitfield express their concern after the star of the TV series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” confirmed her promising romance with Martell Holt from “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.” Shari came to her senses after her ex Tyrone Gilliams left an old housewife waiting in the cold in an embarrassing scene that aired in season 14. The rumor mill was spinning with suspicions about Cherie and Martell’s recent hangouts. But Cherie confirmed the rumors this week when she told reporters she was “enjoying life” with Martell.

Martell has his own sad past with women who were followed in the OWN’s LAMH franchise. Martell started the show as a happily married father of three with his ex-wife Melody Holt. But Martell quickly became the villain of the show after his affair with his mistress was revealed. Martell claimed that this was a thing of the past. So Melody was crushed when she realized that Martell was still entertaining his girlfriend Arionne Curry. By the second season, Melody had broken up with Martell, despite welcoming their fourth child when she found out that he had conceived a child with his mistress. The former couple continues to struggle, working to build a friendly relationship with their parents.

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Given Martell’s deceptive past, many are suspicious that Cherie decided to date the controversial reality TV star. Reddit user u/aboveallbeboring told Shari “no” in response to news of her promising romance with Martell. “Cherie has such terrible taste in men,” one critic said in response, before criticizing Martell for getting his ex—wife and mistress pregnant “at the same time.” Fans don’t understand why Shari decided to date another man with a difficult past after being played by Tyrone. Shari had waited years for Tyrone to be released from prison, only for him to leave her waiting alone in the cold on a coffee date he had never attended.

The transition from Tyrone to Martell is quite a bold step, given Cherie’s complicated romantic history. Fans watched as she fought in court with her ex-husband Bob Whitfield and dodged bullets with exes who turned out to be scammers. Fans hope that Martell is just a “rebound” for Shari, which will help her forget Tyrone. “I sincerely hope this is just a bounce, a physical thing, or a marketing ploy,” one Redditor said, calling Martell a “walking red flag.” They wondered why Shari prefers to date men who are known to “exploit” women or people.

Martell’s ex-wife accused him of being an emotional manipulator who blinded her with his lies during their 12-year marriage. Meanwhile, Tyrone has served a 10-year prison sentence on fraud charges related to his fraudulent businesses and creditors out of their money. Shari knows exactly how to choose them. The Real Housewives of Atlanta OG also know how to make the streets talk. If Martell lingers to shoot a few scenes with Cherie, the cameo will help cross-promote his show on HIS OWN, as well as give Cherie another juicy storyline. It sounds like a win-win for a new couple.


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