Why “Pretty Liars: Original Sin” is an Almost Flawless Restart


Is there anything trickier than restarting a popular TV show? Fans are not always happy with the results, as sometimes a new show seems trashy and not as good as what came before it. Steven Levitan’s upcoming Hulu sitcom “Reboot” will tell about the actors of the comedy of the 2000s who came together to shoot the reboot and all the funny and dramatic events that take place.

When fans of “Pretty Liars” heard that HBO Max would be doing a reboot, it was easy to get excited, as well as wondering if the fast-paced story of secrets could really be repeated over and over again. Fortunately, “Pretty Liars: Original Sin” is an almost flawless show.

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The opening credits of “Pretty Liars: Original Sin” are an homage to the original, which uses the same song “Secret” by the Piers, but with the addition of some new frightening details to make it special. Fans see Villain A in his lair, working on something, and it’s incredibly creepy. Like the best theme songs from horror movies, this one has become something that fans associate with the series. The lyrics work so well for this spin-off as well: “Do you have a secret/Can you save it?/Swear that you will keep it/Better lock it in your pocket/Take it to the grave.” The song ends with the words: “Because two can keep secrets/If one of them is dead.” The song sets a creepy tone and shows that this is a story about characters hiding a lot of secrets and emotions.

The characters in “Pretty Liars: Original Sin” are also different, interesting people that fans want to follow all season (or more). The original was a great teen horror TV show thanks to how different the five main characters are from each other, and the new group is also well thought out. Imogen Adams (Bailey Madison) is a pregnant teenage girl who has lost her mother, strong, stubborn and sweet.

Noah (Maya Refikko) is hiding a secret and is on probation for drug use. Mouse (Malia Pyles) wants to be more independent, but her moms are not happy about it, since she went through something difficult as a child. Tabby (Chandler Kinney) can’t wait to leave home and become a film director, and Farran (Zaria) is a smart ballerina. Twins Karen and Kelly complete the cast, played by Mallory Bechtel. PLL: “Original Sin” contains a lot of references to horror films, mostly from Tabby, and this is a funny aspect.

The reboot also does something important: it tells a completely new story, referring to the old one. In the original series, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Peters) is absent, and her friends Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), Spencer Hastings (Troyan Bellisario), Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) and Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) are being chased by A. After the reboot, A is an incredibly creepy man whose face looks very similar to the Leather Face from “The Texas chainsaw massacre.” And torments the main characters because their mothers were involved in the death of a student named Angela Waters (Gabriella Pizzolo, who plays Susie in the TV series “Very strange things”). The girls receive text messages, just like the original characters.

The best thing about “Pretty Liars: Original Sin” is that it’s a different genre than the first show. There are a lot of funny quotes and scenes in PLL in which the characters make tons of jokes. The reboot is a real slasher, which means it has slasher tropes, pretty wild death scenes, and a general sense of unease.

Most of all, the series preserves what was special and memorable in the first series: teenage girls who take care of each other and keep secrets so as not to harm each other or others. These new characters are equally smart and kind, and the fact that Tabby chastises her teenage peers and explains to them that toxic masculinity is a problem adds something meaningful to the series.

The reboot should be done not only because of nostalgia and happy memories of the original, and PLL: Original Sin has succeeded in adding genuine fears to the overall story that fans know and love. In the fourth episode “The (Fe) Male Gaze”, A appears in Noah’s apartment building, and she runs away from him by jumping onto a nearby building. It’s a terrifying and well-made chase scene reminiscent of the best slashers.

The worst horror movie remakes don’t include a new story or anything that would really justify their existence. “Pretty Liars: Original Sin” is impressive, well thought out and, most importantly, penetrates under the skin of every viewer and makes him hardly wait to find out what will happen next. This will appeal to fans of the first show and those who are not familiar, as it is a new story that seems quite related to what happened before.


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