Why Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Omitting Some Pokemon Can Be a Good Thing


Despite the silence from The Pokemon Company about which critters the Gen 9 games include, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks eventually seem to reveal the entire Pokedex Paldean, along with several returning pocket monsters. This is one of the biggest leaks in the gaming industry this year, as Pokemon fans got access to the full list of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Pokedex back in late August, more than two months before the launch. Although there are many interesting features in Gen 9 games, a very important detail is related to the fact that a handful of Pokemon from past generations will not make the list, which may be a good thing.

One of the biggest controversies lately for Pokemon games was the Pokedex cut from Pokemon Sword and Shield, which meant that only a few hundred existing critters returned to Gen 8 from past games, compared to the usual national Pokedex, including them all. Despite the fact that this is usually not very good news for many players, the advantage of cutting pocket monsters from the pokedex of a new game is that problematic Pokemon can be temporarily removed to create a healthier environment, especially for competitive battles. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, this may mean the absence of Pokemon such as Calyrex Shadow Rider or Zacian, but it’s worth noting the impact that more common creatures can have.

Why Cutting Out Some Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Might be Useful

A great example is Shedinja, which is probably one of the most problematic pocket monsters to add to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the reason being that his ability can cause all sorts of Terastallization issues. Shedinya’s signature ability is called Wonder Guard, and it’s the only currently available Pokemon that has it, which makes it a powerful and interesting example for Pokemon games. Wonder Guard does not allow Shaddja to take damage from non-super-effective moves, which means that only Shaddja’s moves are inherently weak to deal damage to him and, of course, defeat him, given that he has only 1 HP.

The absence of a Shedinya in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can save players and the Pokemon Company itself from a serious headache, since a hypothetical combination of a Shedinya using terastallization to become an electric type and holding a balloon can make it immune to damage. Liqueurs seem to agree with the fact that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet won’t have Smeargle, a fairly common pocket monster that has proven extremely crafty in the past, to the point where it single-handedly got banned from a move and then was weakened in competition. battles.

This technique was Dark Void, Darkray’s signature move, which had an 80% chance of hitting and could put both opposing Pokemon to sleep in double battles. This was especially powerful because Darkrai Mythical’s status did not allow players to use it directly, whereas Sketch Smeargle could copy Dark Void and study it forever, using it in any battle with great effect without restrictions. Using Smeargle Sketch could be quite problematic in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and the absence of this Pokemon is a good temporary solution.

Finally, Incineroar has proven to be an incredibly powerful asset on the Pokemon Sword and Shield competition scene due to the fact that it has Intimidation as its hidden ability and can learn the Parting Shot movement, which reduces the target’s attack rate by one notch and allows the user to turn off Incineroar. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet do not seem to have starters from past games in the main game, although according to information sources, some of them may be available through Pokemon Home. The absence of Incineroar in the 9th generation would be a wise choice, given its current kit, which will require another serious pass so that the Pokemon are not too destructive.


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