Why Pokemon Scarlet and Pammi Violet Probably Won’t Develop


So far, only a few new Pokemon from the upcoming games of the main series Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been revealed. Although the games are coming out in just a few months, the creatures living in the as-yet-unnamed region remain largely mysterious. As a result, fans started talking about a small number of Pokemon that were being teased. In particular, Pawmi, one of the new additions to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, attracted the attention of fans and caused controversy about whether it would have a developed form.

Paumi, also known as “Pokemon Mouse”, was featured in the trailer along with other Pokemon from the early game Lechonk and Smoliv, as well as the legendary Pokemon that will be depicted on the box art Scarlet and Violet. This is a round four-legged Pokemon of the electric type, which is known to rub its paws on its cheeks to cause powerful electric shocks. Paumi is about one foot tall, weighs about five and a half pounds, and may naturally have Static or Natural Cure abilities. Its habitat is currently unknown. Some fans are currently suggesting for a number of reasons that Paumi is not evolving into or out of any other Pokemon.

Paumi may be a “Pikachu clone” of this generation

Since the iconic mascot of the series Pikachu, almost every generation of Pokemon has had a rodent-inspired creature that is at least partially of the electric type. This large group of “electric rodents” is also called “Pikachu clones” or “Pikachu clones” for short. Paumi, a purely electric type that looks like a small mammal and is nicknamed Pokemon Mouse, is probably a clone of Pikachu for 9th generation games. It is currently assumed that he was inspired by an Alpine marmot that lives in the Pyrenees Mountains on the border between Spain and France. The Alpine Marmot is a popular theory of Paumi’s inspiration, because it is likely that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet region will be based on Spain.

Although Pikachu itself is the middle stage of the evolutionary line between Pichu and Raichu, many of the “Pikachu clones” in subsequent generations did not evolve at all. Some examples of “electric rodents” that don’t evolve include Pachyris from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Dedenne from Pokemon X and Y, Emolga from Pokemon Black and White and, most recently, Morpeko from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Since this trend has persisted for several generations, it makes sense for Paumi not to develop like its predecessors.

Nemone’s rival fights with pavmi

In the trailer that Paumi showed, one of them was shown in the possession of Nemona, a Pokemon trainer who is likely to be a rival of the player character. Besides Paumi, Nemona also has Lechonk and Smoliv, two other Pokemon featured in the same trailer. The rest of her team members are still unknown. She is not the first competitor to have a Pokemon “Pikachu Clone” in her composition; Marnie in Pokemon Sword and Shield mainly fought with the player using her Marine, and the main character of the anime Ash faced several trainers who own Pikachu and Raichu, such as the leader of the Kanto region gym, Lieutenant Serge.

Traditionally, rival characters will have at least one Pokemon in their group, which is part of a single-stage evolutionary line. In addition to the aforementioned Marnie, Hop from the same games uses Pinkurchin, Hugh in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 has Buffalant, and Howe from Pokemon Sun and Moon starts with Komala in the original games before adding Tauros to his team. in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. While it’s also possible that a Lechonk, a Smoliv, or an undisclosed creature could be Nemone Pokemon that don’t evolve, Pavmi is definitely a suitable candidate for this role.

Paumi can get the Morpeco treatment

If Paumi really doesn’t evolve into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, perhaps instead he can get an alternate form to be different from the previous “Pikachu clones”. Fans especially suspect that this may be the case because Paumi is a purely electric type, and he doesn’t have a secondary type that would make him unique. This secondary form, if it exists, is likely to work when a certain condition is met, for example, when using a certain movement in battle or when encountering a certain type of weather. The uniform may be purely cosmetic, but most likely it will somehow affect the combat characteristics of the Pavmi.

A recent example of this was Morpeko, who first appeared in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Morpeko has a unique ability called “Hunger Switch”, which allows him to switch between “Full Belly Mode” and “Hunger Mode”. In the “Full Belly Mode”, the offensive movement of the “Aura Wheel” will be of the electric type, while the same movement will be of the dark type if the Marine is in