Why Poblets Could Be the Most Useful Game of 2022


Although the indie games market may not attract as much attention and crowds as the AAA gaming space, it remains the area where the most experimentation and innovation takes place. In recent years, the niche of “useful games” has expanded significantly in the indie games market, and developers have created games aimed at gamers who are looking for cute, fun games without blood and bullets, which are central to many popular games. . Gamers can also participate in Wholesome Direct’s annual events dedicated to the latest and best useful games that indie game fans should pay attention to – a description that’s perfect for Ooblets.

A lot of useful games have been released this year, including Stray from BlueTwelve Studio, which focuses on an orange cat who gets into the world of cyberpunk and has to find his way home. However, the most useful game of 2022 may be just the aforementioned Ooblets. Gamers have already got an idea of the game thanks to early access, which has been available since 2020, although the game was officially launched in early September. Undoubtedly, he borrows many elements from Pokemon, although he does it in a different way to create a unique, attractive identity for himself. For gamers who are looking for a laid-back game, lots of quirky characters and cute visuals, Ooblets is not to be missed.

The healing world of Ooblets

Ooblets, developed by Glumberland, is a life simulation game, and it starts with gamers choosing a name for themselves and creating their own game character. Then the players go by boat to Badgetown, which is located in Both. Here, players have a chance to break out of the routine of their hometown and embark on new adventures. Armed with a lack of money and possessions, players discover that Obob is a strange place filled with bizarre characters, sunny skies and cute creatures called flyovers that can be collected.

As the players explore Badgetown and meet the eccentric townspeople, they realize that the city is in a desperate situation and needs a lot of help. In gratitude for the fact that the mayor has provided players with a free farmhouse to stay in, players can perform various actions in the city to help Badgetown become a much more attractive place. When players don’t complete these tasks, they can make friends in Badgetown, farm, and explore other exciting regions Both.

Since Ooblets is a life simulator, players will also have to manage vital characteristics such as energy, which makes sleep a necessity. Players don’t get hung up on the clothes they start the game with, as they can also buy clothes and accessories to make their characters look perfect. Players also need to join one of the Badgetown clubs, and they are diverse enough to cater to different personalities. For example, shy players can join Mimpins who are clumsy but well-versed in technology, and players who like everything cute can join Frunbuns.

Part of what makes Ooblets stand out is its continued usefulness. His art style is soft and colorful, and the gameplay is slow and calm, allowing players to take their time completing tasks or just exploring Oob. In addition, the game uses its own jargon, which gives everyone cute names. Therefore, friends are Frenz, instead of making transactions using money, players use chewing gum, and instead of a regular watering can, players use Dribbly Can. This, together with a soothing soundtrack and a cute set of characters, makes Ooblets a must-have game for fans of the ever-growing market of useful indie games. However, the stars of the game are not people. Instead, cute overflights easily win the hearts of gamers, and although overflights participate in battles, they manage to do even this in the most charming way.

Ooblets dance battles will bring a smile to your face

Ooblets borrows many elements from the Pokemon franchise, and gamers will immediately notice how ooblets assemble, level up and fight in a style very similar to Pokemon. However, Ooblets manages to give a unique twist to things, making it one of the most useful games of the year. While Pokemon can be hatched from eggs, in Ooblets, players plant ooblet seeds, which, when watered and cared for, eventually turn into oblets that follow the players.

There are many types of overflights, and just like shiny Pokemon appear in their games from time to time, overflights have very rare highlights. Admittedly, the design of the flyovers is not as impressive as the design of most Pokemon, although they are cute enough to melt hearts, and that’s all they need to do.

When it’s time for the overflights to engage in battle, they don’t rush into each other with furious attacks. Instead, according to a useful theme, they have an epic dance battle in which the best moves win.


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