Why Plathville Fans Want to see Moriah in “Dancing with the Stars”

Moriah Plath worked on her dance moves in “Welcome to Plattville,” and many fans are urging her to take part in “Dancing with the Stars.” Although DWTS follows celebrities with all levels of dance experience, Moriah will certainly have an edge in the competition as she takes everything from ballroom dancing to pole dancing lessons. Plathville fans have criticized Moriah for some of her racy pole dancing videos in small clothes, but they’ve changed their tune and are ready to see her test her skills.
Moriah spent most of season 4 of “Welcome to Platteville” working on her breakup with her first love, Max Kalschmidt. She has put a lot of her sadness into her music and has already released two singles that she wrote and sang herself. Moria’s songs have divided fans, as some think she needs formal vocal training, while others appreciate her pure emotions that manifest in her songs. Fans are hoping to see a happier Moria by the end of the season, and they enjoyed watching her party with her siblings during Mika’s 21st birthday.
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Although Moria has always been fond of music, she recently got a new hobby — dancing. She’s exploring all the activities Tampa has to offer, which is one of the benefits of moving from the rural Georgia town where she grew up. So far, Moria has only taken a few lessons, but fans of “Welcome to Plattville” were immediately impressed by how much she learned in such a short time.
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Dancing with the Stars follows celebrities of all ages who learn new dances every week under the guidance of professional dancers. Moriah won’t be the first reality TV star to try her hand at the contest, as “The Bachelor” star Caitlin Bristow competed and even won the 29th season of DWTS. Caitlin had many years of dance experience to help her on the show, and if Moriah continues in the same spirit of dance lessons, she may become the next winner of the show.
Welcome to Plattville! Fans gave Moriah a hard time because of her pole dancing video after she took a lesson from Olivia Plath, but she enjoyed seeing how well she uses her dancing skills and rhythm in the ballroom. Reddit user r/animalsaremyjam said: “I see that Moriah’s next target will be Dancing with the Stars, and user r/harasquietfish6 said: “I’d watch this.” Casting for the 31st season of Dancing with the Stars has not yet begun and has not been released, so there is a chance that fans will see how Moria will make her way to participate in the competition.