Why Plathville Fans Think Olivia is Selfish Because of a Memorial about Her


Fans of “Welcome to Plattville” have always been wary of Olivia Platt’s attitude to several things in the series, and more recently, her selfishness at the memorial. Fans were disappointed with how Olivia reacted to the cemetery, trying to distract attention from what was most important at the time and the reason for the memorial. This level of egocentrism did not appeal to the audience, and it was definitely not the right time for that.

The memorial was dedicated to the deceased member of the Plath family, Joshua Plath. Plath’s trio of siblings Ethan Plath, Moriah Plath and Micah Plath decided to visit his grave on his birthday, and Olivia decided to join the trip, which most would call an unexpected decision. However, what Olivia didn’t expect was to see Kim Plath there when she wasn’t invited.

It’s safe to say that no one expected what Olivia did next, neither her husband Ethan, nor any of the Plath siblings, and certainly not the viewers of “Welcome to Plattville”, season 4. Olivia decided to invite only Barry to the memorial visit, which was originally only for the Plath siblings, with the exception of Kim. This was not liked by the audience of “Welcome to Plattville” and was perceived as quite manipulative, and when she found out that Kim would still be at the memorial, she staged a “crisis” that destroyed what was an emotional event for the family. Welcome to the Plathville fans on Reddit if anyone was more than disappointed with her reaction. One Reddit user, u/Complex-Somewhere333, said: “Olivia is ridiculous. It’s literally this woman’s BABY. How do you even think that EXCLUDING her is okay? She’s a crying baby.”

Welcome to Plattville! Viewers sincerely hope that Olivia will outgrow this egocentric nature, especially when she is trying to survive in her marriage with Ethan. Moria seems to have stopped pinning her hopes on her best friend, and in this case she is completely flawless in front of the fans. As this season comes to an end, it’s possible to flip a coin if Olivia learns and gets better because of the reaction she received.


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