Why Plathville Fans Are Unhappy with Kim’s Divorce Talk to the Kids


Barry and Kim Plath’s uneasy marriage has become the main storyline of season 4 of “Welcome to Plattville,” and although their future divorce is not surprising, fans are unhappy with how Kim raised this topic with her younger daughters during the June 28 episode. When the first season of “Welcome to Platteville” debuted in 2019, Barry and Kim were a tight-knit team that set strict rules that their children had to follow. Being devout Christian fundamentalists, Plath’s parents forbade their children to consume popular sweets such as soda, sugar and modern technology.

Although fans have criticized Barry and Kim’s marriage since the beginning of “Welcome to Platteville,” it wasn’t until season 4 that serious cracks began to appear. While their children began to move and enjoy life in adulthood, Kim also connected to a new lifestyle. Besides the fact that Kim now has a dance studio, she dresses less modestly, she has more friends and in general she has become a little less strict. That’s because after 24 years of marriage, Kim has finally decided that she’s ready to embrace the life of a woman and explore her identity beyond being a wife.

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Since Barry and Kim have nine children together, the topic of their separation is undoubtedly difficult, especially for their younger children. On Tuesday’s episode of “Welcome to Platteville,” Kim told her younger daughters about her impending separation from Barry. However, fans on Reddit think Kim got the conversation wrong, and here’s why.

Kim started talking about her

Viewers tuned into “Welcome to Platteville” have long described Kim as a “manipulator.” and while it’s possible that Kim didn’t understand how she was directing the conversation at the time, Reddit users agreed that Kim was paying too much attention to herself and not her children. Fans especially disagreed with Kim’s admission that her possible divorce from Barry would lead to the children seeing a “much happier mom,” given that later confessions show that they are clearly upset about the prospect of their parents’ future. “Kim believes that if she is not happy, her whole family should suffer. I feel terribly sorry for these children!” one user was indignant.

Kim has revealed too much information

While fans think Barry is far from perfect, Reddit users discussing the recent episode “Welcome to Platteville” agree that Kim talked too much when discussing her problems with him. Several users rebuked Kim for talking to her children as if “they were her therapist,” and many believe that Kim should discuss her specific family problems with no one but Barry. “[Kim] complains about communication problems when she does the same thing,” one Reddit user commented, to which another replied, “Adult problems should stay between adults.”

Kim said “divorce” to children before Barry

Finally, “Welcome to Plattville” fans are upset with the way Kim was having a conversation with her kids because she used the word “divorce” with them before bluntly saying it to Barry. While Kim claims in the episode that she accidentally mentioned the divorce, viewers visiting Reddit don’t believe it. “Saying the word ‘divorce’ to your daughters before saying it to [Barry] is pretty blatant,” one user commented. Another suggested that instead Kim is “waiting for the ‘little girls’ to tell Barry they’re getting divorced.” Although the family clearly discussed Barry and Kim’s breakup off-screen, fans aren’t impressed with how Kim brought up the topic in season 4 of “Welcome to Plattville.”