Why PewDiePie Hates Working With Other YouTubers


YouTube’s biggest name Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg explained in his new post why he doesn’t like working with other YouTubers. The Swedish star also gave some names.

YouTube and other social media platforms have created their own stars over time. One of the biggest of these stars was the Swedish Felix Kjellberg, known as PewDiePie. The famous name made very sincere confessions in the latest video.

The publisher, which has 107 million subscribers, has carried out joint works with many different names over the years on the platform. Not all of these works were prepared in a joyful way in the background, one issue seems to have made the name of the star illallah.

Names that PewDiePie doesn’t like to work for

Expressing that he likes working with other broadcasters in his past interviews, the idea of ​​the publisher seems to be not covering all publishers. Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” Anys and former rapper Logic were among the names PewDiePie worked with.

PewDiePie says it primarily rejects those who use other brokers or their manager, rather than directly contacting him. The Swedish star wants those who want to work together to have access to him first.

PewDiePie still wants to keep the amateur side of the business. He states that he finds transportation through agencies or intermediaries more “company business”. He even makes fun of managers who say that working together will “be good for him”.

PewDiePie broadcasts will continue

The Swedish YouTuber said in a video he published earlier that he actually has an introverted nature. He also makes a joke on this topic in the video. The famous publisher also describes himself as “socially awkward” from time to time.

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PewDiePie had an exclusive publishing deal with Google last May. The famous name’s transition to live entertainment has been a great success. The famous YouTuber also continues to be one of the most watched broadcasters in the world. Let’s see which other names PewDiePie will work with from now on.


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