Why Paul & Jeffrey is Still the Most Worried about Fans of the 90-Day-Old Groom


Paul Stele and Jeffrey Paschel are the two actors in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise that fans consider the most disturbing. Both Paul and Jeffrey had a tumultuous relationship in their respective 90DF seasons, and they have a lot in common, which confuses viewers of the show. Although the TLC reality show is known for its outrageous 90DF actors and their outstanding personalities, these two have gone too far.

Paul first appeared in the series “Bride for 90 Days: before the first season of 90 days” after falling in love with Brazilian Karin Martins (now Karin Stele). Paul and Karin had an extremely unstable relationship during and off the show as they were constantly calling each other on social media. At one point in their marriage, they even got restraining orders against each other and ended it forever after a video surfaced showing Karin hitting Paul in front of their child.

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Jeffrey, on the other hand, met his future Russian bride, Varya Malina, in season 4 of Up to 90 Days. After Jeffrey flew to Russia to meet Varya, the couple had their ups and downs, but in the end he proposed. season. He also asked her to return to the USA with him. She had to deal with his love triangle involving one of his former American girlfriends, as well as the complete blindness of Jeffrey’s arrest. One of the most disturbing things about Jeffrey and Paul is the fact that they both have criminal backgrounds, but they got platforms after they were played in the 90-day Fiance franchise.

Many fans believe that TLC should conduct more thorough background checks on its actors as they cross the line by hiring people who have been convicted of serious crimes on the show. Paul served time in prison, and he has something else in common with Jeffrey, since Paul was convicted on arson charges. Paul was also involved in a scandal after he and his son were reported missing, although he says it was a misunderstanding. Jeffrey has a violent criminal past, as his numerous ex-wives have accused him of rape. The former “90 Days” star was sentenced to almost two decades in prison after being found guilty of kidnapping, domestic violence and possible danger to children.

Viewers of the 90-day Groom were shocked that Jeffrey went through the vetting process, as he has a history of run-ins with the law dating back to the late 90s. While some of the show’s stars are ridiculously out of sync with partners, and breakups seem inevitable, both Jeffrey and Paul are facing serious charges, a fact that the network seems to be overlooking. Some actors of the 90-day groom scare fans or get on their nerves, but these two men really bother 90DF fans and make them worry about their children.