Why Overwatch 2 Needs More Support Heroes Similar to Mercy


Support heroes will still play a crucial role in Overwatch 2. These characters heal teammates, as well as give other buffs or privileges, and some are even able to weaken the enemy team. Each support character has a unique role when it comes to how they provide for their team, but there is one hero who has become the mainstay of the support role: Mercy.

Mercy is probably the simplest character in terms of functionality and abilities. She can either heal her teammate or increase their attack power, and she only has a gun for self-defense. However, Mercy’s mobility and ease of treatment make her an exceptional medic who can really solve any problem. Overwatch 2 should try to recreate a simplified and useful Angel style for future support heroes, as ideally there would be more heroes focused entirely on healing.

What distinguishes mercy

Introduced as one of the original heroes of Overwatch, Mercy has become an icon in the community and a model for the role of support. Although other characters in this role can use unique abilities, such as Lucio’s “Speed Boost” or Ana’s “Soporific Dart”, none of them can compare to Angel’s permanent healing effect. And since other heroes either heal passively, or require a certain skill, or are aimed at effective treatment, Mercy’s ability to quickly move between teammates and get attached to one player and focus her treatment is second to none.

The problem that often arises with other support characters is that players do not always make an active effort to treat and support their team. Moira and Bridget, for example, often play aggressively because their weapons and abilities encourage this style of play, while Mercy, in fact, has no other choice but to stay with her team and provide support.

One of the reasons Mercy can be such an effective healer is because her kit is so simple but practical. It doesn’t have any significant abilities or bells and whistles, and it’s an ideal choice for players who want to play for support and focus solely on taking care of their team. At the same time, if the player is experienced enough, the combination of Mercy’s pistol and her ability to fly in Valkyrie mode can make her deadly.

How Overwatch 2 Can Recreate the Essence of Mercy

While Overwatch 2 is reworking a lot of hero sets and abilities to match the sequel’s new style of play, it’s important for Blizzard to recognize Angel’s current abilities and see how they can be expanded with other support heroes. Unfortunately, the truth is that Mercy, or rather her ultimate, has undergone many alterations that have greatly changed her image as a character.

Mercy’s original ultimate ability was a resurrection that could revive several teammates nearby. The successful use of this ability greatly changed the rules of the game and could affect any battle. However, the developers noticed how essential this ulta was, and eventually got rid of it completely before returning it as a one-time ability with a long recharge time. Even though the players were upset about this reworking, it made sense to limit such a useful ability.

At the same time, Mercy remains a useful member of any team, but often turns out to be the only main healer. Despite the fact that all the other support heroes bring something unique to the game, many players find themselves being treated in the background and focus on attacking abilities. Many newly added support characters use their primary fire as a weapon, while only abilities or additional fire are used for healing.

Overwatch 2 requires players to think and play in a new way, and would definitely benefit from adding simpler but effective healers to the mix. Since the sequel is much more dynamic and has smaller teams, keeping teammates alive should be of paramount importance. Adding new treatment-oriented support characters can take the pressure off players who always feel the need to choose Mercy if playing with a non-healer, or could potentially turn the tide of battle in aggressive matches requiring intensive treatment from both support heroes.

Overwatch 2 is scheduled for release on October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.