Why not get Naked in Playboy magazine?


Be surprised to learn the reasons actress Margot Robbie had for not agreeing to get naked in Playboy magazine.

Margot Robbie is one of the beautiful actresses who has stood out in the new Suicide Squad movie and who is married to filmmaker Tom Ackerley, with whom she has always been in love.

It should be noted that this actress has achieved worldwide fame thanks to her participation in films such as the aforementioned and also in The Wolf of Wall Street and The Legend of Tarzan, and has been summoned to appear nude in Playboy, but has refused.

Margot Robbie refuses to pose in Playboy


The movie star has said in several interviews that he has been offered a lot of money to pose without clothes in Playboy, but he has not accepted and will not do so if it is not for artistic purposes, he also does not intend to exhibit his body in any men’s magazine .

It seems that the beautiful Margot Robbie is sure of her convictions and her goal is to continue filming, and it would be exclusively in a movie, if the script requires it, where she would appear as God brought her into the world, she has manifested it repeatedly, it would also be much better everything if she has the support and direction of her famous husband, who is a filmmaker.

If we remember a little, the actress has been married since mid-2018 to Tom Ackerley. The two met during the filming of the film Suite Française, in which they both participated, she as an actress and he as an assistant director.

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Notably, Margot Elise Robbie is the full name of Margot, who according to Wikipedia formally began her career in 2008 by playing a small role on a television show. It is from 2013, when she appears in The Wolf of Wall Street, where she begins to emerge worldwide in cinema.


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