Why no streaming platform has decided to save the series


The cast and crew of Anne With an E did their best to keep the popular series going for as long as possible and weren’t really the only ones to join the fight to prevent the show’s terrible cancellation.

In 2020, fans of the series put together impressive petitions, hashtag campaigns, and recruited some big names from the entertainment world in an attempt to reason with those who said it was time to say goodbye to Anne With an E.

For those who haven’t heard the unfortunate news yet, the series was canceled in 2019, so Anne With an E’s fourth season is definitely an unlikely case for Netflix.

After Anne With an E fans petitioned mega hard for her return and garnered more than 700,000 signatures, there was a glimmer of hope for a mere moment. As a result, unfortunately, the popular series could have sunk for other, undisclosed reasons.

The relationship between the series creators and Netflix reportedly turned out to be anything but easy, yet what probably hurt Anne With an E fans the most was knowing that those who put together the original series claimed to love the series. from beginning to end.

They even confess that they did not see his departure from the streaming service as a definitive end to the show. In turn, those behind Anne With an E published the following joint statement about the cancellation of the series after only three seasons:

“We have loved bringing the quintessential Canadian story of Anne with an E to viewers around the world. We thank producers Moira Walley-Beckett and Miranda de Pencier and the talented cast and crew for their incredible work, “they said.

“We hope that fans of the show will love this final season as much as we do, and that it brings a successful conclusion to Anne’s journey,” they added.

Regardless of why Anne With an E was ultimately canned, it’s clear that CBC and Netflix wanted the coming-of-age series to end on a solid note, which it definitely did. Yet another reason to state that its cancellation is still bittersweet for fans.

Of course, fans are still hopeful that the fourth season of Anne With an E could happen if she is saved by another network but copyright is not an easy thing to get and for now, nothing has been confirmed, so We shouldn’t expect the fan-favorite series to return this year.


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