Why New Amsterdam’s Latest Devastating Twist Just made Me Miss Sharavin Peak


There are spoilers ahead for the release of the fifth season of “New Amsterdam” on October 4 called “Big Day”.

New Amsterdam is slowly but surely counting down the episodes to the very end with this fifth and final season, and the last episode did not end on the pleasant note that Max Goodwin aspires to. In fact, the devastating turn of events with the wedding guests being taken to the emergency room was grim enough, so while I came to terms with the medical drama of losing Frima Agyeman’s Helen Sharp, by the end I really missed Sharpwin.

Why the “Big Day” was so devastating

The doctors had stressful times when they tried to treat all the wedding guests who were taken to the hospital after a fire at the venue, but this did not come as a surprise to the emergency department. Most of the injured guests looked more or less normal and more or less normal. The two biggest problems were that the groom had an extremely rare blood type, and he would have died without an infusion, and the little girl was in a catatonic state after what she saw.

While Max and Dr. Wilder were heading to Bermuda to find a donor who could return to New York and donate blood in person (without this blood being seized by customs), Iggy did everything he could with young Lily, including telling a story. the flower girl at his wedding.

Now, when it comes to New Amsterdam — aka a medical drama with the ability to find a silver lining even in the darkest stories — I thought that Max and Wilder would be able to save the groom for his wedding with a completely beautiful and age-appropriate bride, and Lily would eventually recover to carry flowers down any aisle in the hospital which they can arrange.

But I was very wrong. Lily was not a flower girl, but a bride for a very adult groom. It was a children’s wedding, and the fire was actually a smoke bomb of her 15-year-old brother who was trying to save her. All the doctors were shocked that people who seemed to be perfectly normal wedding guests, just caught in a crisis, were actually people supporting a marriage between an adult man and a little girl, but no arrests were made.

Lily’s mother received an official marriage license in West Virginia, and the wedding did not violate any federal laws. All the doctors were on the verge of tears after learning that no one would be punished, and the closest storyline to the cathartic ending was that Iggy visited Martin and just asked to see the children, and Max returned home to Luna and offered him to sleep right by her bed that night.

Why did it make me miss Sharpwin

At first glance, this episode didn’t really touch on Max’s grief after losing Helen (only her letter continues, narrated by Freema Agyeman in a voice cameo). give it closure. In fact, it continued to strengthen the bond between Max and Wilder. Unlike the Season 5 premiere, no destruction had anything to do with the ending of Sharpwin’s love story. But I remembered that some of the happiest moments of last season came when they were on solid ground together, and it seemed to me that New Amsterdam really needed solid ground at the end of the “Big Day”.

Max could really use the company at home to go along with Luna, who could be a comfort to her father, but did not understand what had happened. His conversation with Wilder seemed to bring them both some comfort, and she was clearly someone he could lean on in his heartache.

It was just hard not to notice the happy Max who was planning his future with Helen when the big twist of the episode was so depressing. (Interestingly, the “Big Day” was filmed by a graduate of the series “Stay Alive” Nestor Carbonell, who also directed one of the most destructive episodes of season 4). there will be a little more joy next week.

Find out in the new editions of New Amsterdam on Tuesdays at 22:00. ET on NBC, and you can catch up by subscribing to Peacock. To find out about other viewing options in the coming weeks, check out our schedule of TV premieres for 2022.


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