Why Mojang’s Statement about TAE is of Great Importance to TAE Worlds


Minecraft is a customizable game environment with many different third—party add-ons that further expand its mechanics and capabilities. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Minecraft community has released thousands of mods since the release of the game. This includes add-ons based on blockchain and NFT.

However, Mojang recently released a statement about the inclusion of NFT in Minecraft. A recent post on the game’s official website explicitly states that Minecraft will not support NFT integration in its gaming space. This creates a problem for any NFT-based Minecraft extensions, especially for NFT Worlds.

Explanation of the NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is not exactly a mod in the traditional sense. It is better described as an extension of the existing Minecraft mechanics, which allows you to integrate the blockchain and trade NFT. In particular, 10,000 different Minecraft worlds were created as part of the project, and each of them is an NFT, on the basis of which you can create and customize.

The NFT Worlds team decided to create an NFT space inside and around Minecraft because the game in its current state is easily accessible and easily customizable. Thus, the developer will have a fair base to work with, first of all, existing Minecraft features, and then on their basis. Many in the NFT community praised the team for innovation, as Minecraft’s NFT worlds have opened up many opportunities for traders, especially in light of the recent drop in NFT sales.

Transferring NFT space from Minecraft

However, this will soon stop after Mojang’s recent announcement about Minecraft and NFT. It says that while the Minecraft Usage Guide allows server owners to charge other players for access, said access must include the same features. The introduction of NFT into the gaming space would contradict this requirement, because NFTs thrive on artificial scarcity.

In other words, Minecraft NFT will inevitably lead to unequal access among Minecraft players. According to Mojang, “…NFT and other blockchain technologies [create] digital property based on scarcity and exclusion, which is inconsistent with Minecraft’s values of creative inclusion and collaborative play.” Mojang also notes that the mentality associated with NFT distracts players from the long-term enjoyment of the game, as they can instead focus on profiting from its “play to win” mechanics. At the end of the statement, Mojang explicitly states that blockchain technology and NFT integration will not be allowed in Minecraft.

This new rule creates problems for NFT Worlds and other similar programs as they will no longer be allowed to use IP Mojang. However, NFT Worlds has since released its own statement in response. The team intends to create a new game from scratch. It is reported that it will have the basic mechanics of Minecraft, but with “modernization and active development”, which are lacking in the original sandbox game. The statement then goes on to say that this is a battle between Web2 and Web3, describing a “philosophical conflict” over what the Internet really is.

And as convincing as NFT Worlds’ statement may sound, to be honest, it’s not so surprising that Mojang prefers to separate itself from such a volatile product as NFT — and this is not to mention the many scams and disputes related to the NFT space. It is not surprising that game developers will not like it when third-party companies use their intellectual property to make a profit in a way that contradicts the rules.

Anyway, it seems that the transition of NFT Worlds to a new game has already begun, and the era of Minecraft NFT is coming to an end. Whether Mojang’s policy will change remains to be seen, but at the moment neither blockchain nor NFT are allowed.

Minecraft is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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