Why Mikey Mooney of the 1,000-Pound Sisters Can Date Tammy Sutton Because of Influence


Tammy Slayton from the 1000-lb Sisters may be in love, but viewers believe that Mikey Mooney is using her for his own selfish purposes. Tammy didn’t have a good history of finding a good, loving man. Although the audience hopes that she can find true love, they are not sure that Mikey is the one.

In past 1,000-pound sisters, fans have seen Tammy being dragged into some nasty and toxic relationships. Throughout her television career, Tammy dated several breadwinners, which only hindered her recovery. When Tammy was active in her TikTok, she shared with fans her desire to find someone who loves her for who she is. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always easy for her to find a romantic partner. Tammy was deceived by men, and she was let down more than once. Despite the fact that Tammy did not have a relationship, the star of the series “Sisters weighing 1000 pounds” is not going to give up love.

Last month, Tammy was spotted with a new man on social media. Mikey appeared early in her TikTok videos, but was never the focus of her funny videos. Mikey has decided to formalize his relationship with Tammy on Facebook; however, the wonderful news is still troubling Tammy’s fans as they are unsure of Mikey’s intentions. Viewers of the 1000-lb Sister noted that Mikey’s close friend expressed serious concern when asked why he was with Tammy. Despite Mikey rejecting any claims that the relationship was for fame, fans are still not convinced (via Kelsey on Instagram).

In one post, a close friend of Mikey stated that, in his opinion, Mikey was with Tammy only to get into a reality show. Mikey clapped back, noting that he had been stalking Tammy for more than four years. Despite the negative attitude towards their relationship, Mikey tried to impress his new girlfriend. He recently traveled to Ohio to visit the 1,000-pound Sisters star, who is still living in rehab. Mike posted a lot of photos of the couple holding hands and hugging. Mikey even declared his love for Tammy, noting that he would always be there for her.

Lately, Tammy has gone unnoticed by fans of the 1,000-pound sisters, who hoped she was feeling better. The TLC star shared that she lost some more weight and hoped to undergo surgery. Despite the fact that it seems to be a dispute between subscribers about whether Tammy has really lost pounds, most support her. At this point, viewers just need to keep an eye on Mikey and hope he doesn’t use Tammy for fame.