Why messes up with PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders?


The pre-orders of the new generation consoles have become so complicated to annoy the gamers. So what is the reason for all this confusion, the confusion of the bazaar and the market, in common words?

Gamers have been waiting for the next generation consoles and the new features that will come with these consoles for a long time. As a matter of fact, it was known that there would be intense demand for consoles as soon as pre-orders started. Therefore, everyone was aware that some problems might occur. Yet nobody expected such a chaos.

Unannounced sales, claims of mass purchases, black market control systems turning into fiasco… This interesting confusion caused by two experienced giants like Microsoft and Sony seems to be remembered for a long time. Why did this happen?

What happened?

The first fiasco occurred in Sony’s PlayStation 5 sales. Pre-orders for the console started earlier than expected. According to the plan, the sales, which will start on September 17, started on September 16, almost without notice. Within minutes, both versions of the console were sold everywhere.

Sony later apologized and stated that “the process could run much smoother” (we seem to hear you saying “No dear?”). Let’s hope Sony is right in this regard, as some sellers allegedly have already sold all of their 2020 stocks.

“Don’t worry, you will soon know exactly when pre-orders will start,” Microsoft said immediately. Our ancestors said that laughter comes to your neighbor. They were the ones who were right.

That’s ‘Xbox Something X’, that’s ‘Xbox Something X’

As Microsoft officials dealt with rivals cherished by opportunity retailers, their own lives suffered for the same reason. Two of the biggest names among those sellers, Amazon and Best Buy, did not open the products to order when it came to pre-order time. Many people who were allegedly unable to see the Xbox Series X ordered the Xbox One X, saying, “I suppose.”

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GameStop, on the other hand, made a well-intentioned but not thought-out application. The company gave the players a pre-order sequence number and announced that those who dropped out of line or refreshed the page will return to the end of the list. In theory, this well-intentioned practice caused people who were in limbo and could not buy a console when the queue was not limited.

Console Wars: Attack of the Bots

Another claim here was that before people could even touch the consoles, black marketers collected PS5 and Xbox Series Xs much faster using various bots. These boots were allegedly ordered before people could even write what they wanted.

Both firms will replenish stocks. In the meantime, not rushing and not giving premium to the black market will prevent users from encountering such problems in the future.


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