Why Meredith Gray Should Stay Single According To Fans


Grey’s Anatomy will return on March 11 to continue the dramatic season 17 on ABC, as surgeon Meredith Gray remains on a ventilator due to the coronavirus.


Fans await the arrival of the new episodes to find out if the doctor will finally be saved and establish a romantic relationship with her new love interest. Although some viewers are waiting wondering if he is the right man for her.


Following the death of her husband Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) on Grey’s Anatomy season 11, Meredith has been on several dates with some suitors. Since then, in the next installment, she dated Dr. Will Thorpe.


Derek’s recent death prevented the relationship from moving forward. He said that he would wait for her, but so far the character has not reappeared in the series, which suggests that this plot of Gray’s Anatomy has not been closed.


Later, in Meredith’s life Nathan Riggs appeared while her fiancée was missing and whom she considered dead. Once she appeared, Meredith urged him to return to her side.


On Grey’s Anatomy, the Gray Sloan surgeon also went on a blind date with John Radnor. Although she had a wonderful time, John ended up admitting that she doesn’t date desperate and needy single mothers; resulting in a resounding rejection by the doctor.


After her, Link followed her who invited her to leave her, while at the same time Andrew DeLuca pretended her. Finally, the surgeon settled on the young resident DeLuca with whom she had a relationship between seasons 15 and 16.


Now, some fans hope that when her Meredith recovers she can definitively establish a relationship with Cormac Hayes, the potential love interest of season 17, known as McWidow, the envoy of Cristina Yang.


However, fans of the medical drama are divided on whether Meredith should remain single or not. A viewer post on Reddit opened the discussion when she referred to Meredith “should only have friends who support her and not boyfriends that she doesn’t love.”


Therefore, the reaction of other fans was that asking Meredith to stop dating someone was not the fair thing to do. However, one fan said that the medical drama shouldn’t give him a partner to extend the story or just add another relationship.


In addition to that, while some say that DeLuca represents Derek’s replacement, others think that Cormac Hayes is the most suitable to be by Meredith’s side, since both have experienced the death of a loved one, and he is also more mature than DeLuca.


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