Why Married at First Sight Fans are angry at No


The 15th season of Married at First Sight has just begun, and fans are already upset with Nate because of how he behaved with an adult artist. MAFS is a Lifetime reality show launched in 2014 in which professional consultants pick up complete strangers based on theoretical compatibility. The premiere of the new season took place on July 6. One of the five couples featured in this season, which takes place in San Diego, is Stasia, an accountant and day trader Nate from Las Vegas.

During the interview , Nate said: “I’m ready to become a husband.” His actions make fans wonder if there is sincerity in his words. At the bachelor party, Nate ordered an exotic dancer to “get on her knees.” Then the “Married at First Sight” star pulled her to his crotch and pointedly squirted whipped cream into her mouth. To emphasize his command, he also said, “Yes, you’d BETTER get on your knees.” His friends at the bachelor party looked awkward looking at it.

Just a day after the premiere of the new season, fans of “Married at First Sight” took to Reddit to express their disdain for Nate’s inhumane actions towards the stripper, especially since he was a man who was going to marry another woman. The launch of the discussion began with a Reddit post from atomicfireballer under the heading “Nate, get on your knees.” knees. No man who respects women would even think of saying such a thing.

Most of the comments in the MAFS subreddit echo these thoughts. People wrote, “Yes, it was absolutely disgusting” and “He’s just disgusting.” Some Redditors were particularly upset that an adult artist was spoken to in such a disrespectful manner. One of the responses to the original post said: “This is a guy who is going to get married in public, flattering his ego, trying to assert dominance and power in a public setting over a woman who is paid to be there.” Other comments were: “He doesn’t know this woman and treats her like materialized trash” and “What he’s doing to humiliate a woman who probably only agreed to it for the money is really disgusting.”

Not everyone who commented on the “Married at First Sight” incident thought that the way Nate was talking to an exotic dancer was a problem. Some reacted to the outrage with the words: “She started rubbing her whole body against him, [they] whipped each other, it was clearly playful” and “[You people] understand that she can smile and keep rubbing/dancing, and not she doesn’t need to do anything she doesn’t want [?]”

Regardless of whether Reddit users approved or disapproved of Nate’s etiquette towards adult artists, most Reddit users collectively believed that the main problem was that Nate was cheating on his future wife by behaving in such a vulgar way at a bachelor party. People have expressed concern about the future of his relationship with a complete stranger, whom he is marrying on MAFS. They said, “First of all, it’s disgusting enough that he did this. Even more disgusting is that he did it the night before the wedding. EVEN GROSSER that he did it right in front of the film crew, knowing full well that his future wife and her family will definitely see it all. To hell with this guy,” and “Good luck to his wife: if he treats women like this in public, what is he doing behind closed doors?”

Although only one episode of the new season has been released on Lifetime, it seems that fans of the series have already decided on their opinion about Nate. As the season progresses, viewers may find reasons to trust Nate more. However, there is a chance that their doubts will be justified in the future. The new episodes of the 15th season of “Married at First Sight” air on Wednesdays at 20:00 Korean time. EST for life.