Why many “Welcome to Plattville” fans blame Kim for breaking up with Barry


Welcome to Plathville Stars Kim and Barry have broken up, and fans are pointing the finger at Kim as the reason for the divorce. The Plath family was introduced to fans with strict religious beliefs, and Kim and Barry kept up with their children by homeschooling and running a farm. Despite the fact that fans criticize both parents for their strict manners, they now accuse Kim of her selfish and manipulative behavior in season 4.

Kim and Barry have been married for 24 years, they have ten children. Driving with an iron hand, Kim and Barry demonstrated to the fans that they are a close–knit team; however, the family has experienced ups and downs. The older children moved on to bigger and better things, creating a gap between themselves and their parents. They supported each other by sticking to their strong beliefs and keeping their younger children away from the eldest, Ethan Plath, and wife Olivia Plath. Married life for 24 years is an important milestone, and fans blame Kim for her sudden breakup.

Fans have seen cracks in their relationship since the fourth season of “Welcome to Platteville” aired in early May. Kim focused on herself and distanced herself from Barry and the kids. Fans have been vocal about Kim’s behavior, saying she was selfish, manipulative and dismissive of her family’s feelings. In season 4, Kim leaves the family home and spends a lot of time in her new dance studio. Hoping to fix their marriage, Barry bought a dance studio for Kim. Amber Plath suggested that Kim used the dance studio as an excuse to separate from her family and get her own income. Now the fans are against Kim. Barry tried very hard to win Kim back, buying her flowers, gifts and paying attention to her feelings. However, it seems that she made a decision, and Barry did not have a chance to mend their relationship.

When viewers used the Welcome To Plathville Twitter hashtag, fans criticized Kim for not making an effort to save their marriage. Some fans even claim that she has already found a new partner. Kim showed interest in other people, for example, bringing her male friend from the gym to Barry to make him jealous. Fans were horrified that she would behave this way when their marriage was collapsing, and even demonstrated her lack of empathy for her family during this difficult time. Viewers discussed that Kim was throwing around the word “divorce” before their divorce was announced, trying to manipulate her younger children into telling Barry about it so that she wouldn’t have to.

Although fans blame Kim, viewers of “Welcome to Plattville” are happy that they are officially over. It was hard to watch the movement back and forth, especially for Barry. Fans hope that the patriarch will be able to move on, and the children will understand that the decision to break up their toxic marriage was the right decision for their family.