Why Love Island USA Sarah Hyland is the Perfect Host


Sarah Hyland is the last and best presenter on Love Island in the USA, and the franchise was lucky to have her. Sarah’s fans probably know her best as the eldest daughter of Phil and Claire Dunphy in American Family, where she stole the scenes with her comedic calculation, beauty and ability to go beyond the frivolous stereotype she was supposed to portray. Sarah joins Love Island USA as an experienced actress who understands the complexity of human emotions. She also won the hearts of her fans with a convincing social media presence full of “Bachelor in Paradise” comments, silly moments and irresistible honesty. Sarah has struggled with kidney dysplasia and gout since a young age, and her openness about her physical and mental health makes her even closer, but in no way defines her. Her silly and touching romance with Bachelor Nation fan favorite Wells Adams also attracted a wider audience and a significant presence on unscripted television, which made her an ideal choice as a presenter on Love Island in the USA.

After presenting a new show on Peacock, Sarah made a seemingly impromptu phone call. At first, it might have seemed that Sarah was talking to her current husband and bartender Wells, who became a bachelor in paradise. “Hey, baby. No, I’m here. Yes, I literally just told everyone about the move. Yes, I just told them about peacock, that he has become more energetic, about everything related to marketing. Where are you?” However, as the conversation continues, “kids” seems most likely to be the producer of Love Island in the USA. Sarah then realizes she has turned the wrong way onto the beach, confronts some confused homeowners and apologizes before leaving.

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After an equally unabashed introduction to the cast , Sarah waltzes to a real Love Island villa and asks: “So are we here for love or for a good time?” British nanny Zeta replied: “Love is a good time” that everyone welcomed. While the women discuss past relationships and delve into their expectations of a real connection, Sarah shared her thoughts, saying: “I think there’s a difference between puppy love, when you really think you’re in love, and when you get older, you realize, oh, it wasn’t love at all, girl.” When Sarah brought a flock of beautiful women to get carried away with their new adventure, the narrator joked: “Or if we call it Love Highland, welcome America.”

Unsurprisingly, trying to book Sarah for a cameo role with Wells in “Bachelor in Paradise” cost too much, especially considering her history with ABC after a decade in “American Family.” For the same reasons, it seems that Sarah played the opening role in “Love Island USA”, but has not appeared since. On the one hand, the show makes things interesting with text messages and new faces as the only guiding element. On the other hand, as feelings become more complex, for couples like Zeta and Timmy, Courtney and Felipe, Sarah’s humor, emotional intelligence and compassion are overlooked from the elimination ceremonies and the shakeups of the actors.

If Sarah returns for the second season on the show “Love Island USA” on “Peacock”, it would be great to see more of her. She is attractive to new fans of the franchise who have known her for more than a decade from “American Family” and love her analyses of “Bachelor in Paradise” from home with Wells. Since reality dating shows compete with each other with mannered moments and behave equally gorgeous and funny, Sarah is a great asset.


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