Why Lois came out long before the real story

Scene A11 pt - Lois and Clark at the Daily Planet (int)

There is no relationship whatsoever with Lois until Clark becomes Superman and gets a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet in Metropolis, but the Smallville series is an exception to this.

Smallville took Clark and Lois’ friendship in a different direction. Mentioned by name for the first time as Chloe Sullivan’s cousin, Lois traveled to Smallville to investigate Chloe’s “death.”

While there, she found Clark Kent, who teamed up with Lois to solve the mystery of Chloe’s disappearance. Once Chloe was saved, Lois moved to Kent Farm and remained there for some time in Smallville.

During season 5, she became a reporter on the Inquisitor and her journalism career took off from there, and she became an employee at the Daily Planet in season 7 of Smallville.

According to the creators of Smallville, Al Gough and Miles Millar, they wanted Lois on the show because they wanted to bring a character into Clark’s life that would offer a “fresh dynamic” with him.

Even though Smallville introduced Lois way ahead of schedule, bringing her in had its benefits. Perhaps what made her such an interesting addition was that although they didn’t like each other, she was the person Clark was destined to break up with at some point in the future.

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