Why Little People, Matt Roloff from Big World is Accused of Destroying His Family


Thanks to his wrong decisions, Little People, the star of the Big World Matt Roloff has become the villain of the series over the past few seasons. For many years, the patriarch did not give the impression of being the biggest team player. Now fans are paying attention to all the problems that Matt could have caused.

Matt has always been a complicated person, often flying too close to the sun, like Icarus, in terms of his creative ideas. Matt’s unconventional ideas brought him a lot of money, but also cost him personal relationships. TLC viewers watched as Matt and Amy Roloff’s marriage began to deteriorate over the years, leaving them bitter and unhappy. In the end, the divorce was finalized, and the couple stayed to live with their new spouses. For 23 seasons, Matt has yet to learn the art of compromise when it comes to his family, so he often quarrels with his relatives.

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In this season of the series “Little People, Big World”, viewers watched as Matt received huge resistance from his family. Amy has since left the farm, leaving it in Matt’s capable hands. Unfortunately, the Roloffs don’t see eye to eye when it comes to how to keep the land in the family. This leaves some resentment in the Oregon air.

Farmer Feud

The feud, heard all over the world, turned into a bigger quarrel than the Hatfields and the McCoys. Zach had been preparing for the purchase of the family farm for years and continued to work there until this year. Unfortunately, it looks like Matt got greedy and decided to set the price of the farm higher than anyone expected. It looks like he deliberately made it so that Zack couldn’t buy part or all of it. Trying to break free, Zach moved his family for an hour across the state line to Battleground, Washington.

Matt and Karen

Little people, fans of the Big World just can’t accept Matt’s choice of partner. Karen Chandler was at the center of almost all family problems. Amy once hinted that Caryn was a loose woman, and hinted that Matt had an emotional affair with a former farm manager. Karyn really angered the fans when she intervened in the discussion between Matt and Zach, making the fans feel that she was just a gold hunter who was cheating on Matt.

Matt’s childish behavior

Finally, Matt’s behavior over the years has been far from brilliant. Fans of Little People, Big World watched Patriarch Amy’s gaslighting and noticed that he talked down to her a lot. He even tried to steal some of her good ideas on how to sell the farm and pass them off as his own, like he did with her pumpkin salsa. Matt even gave up family vacations, leaving the children and Amy to figure out how to make a life without a father.


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