Why little people, fans of the big World want Season 24


Fans of the series “Little People, big World” really want to know if there will be a 24th season, especially after such a dramatic current season. The Roloffs have been the main characters of the network for years, and season 23 showed that they are in turmoil. Now viewers want to get answers to their questions and see how it all ends.

In 2006, TLC presented their newest show, Little People, Big World, which featured Amy and Matt Roloff. The premise was to share their little people’s lives and how they navigate the world around them. The couple had four children, three of whom were of average height, and one was not. Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob grew up on the small screen with fans loving their life on an Oregon farm. The show gathered viewers with taste and was broadcast for 23 seasons.

In the 23rd season of “Little People, Big World” there were many changes, including the sale of the Roloff farm. Viewers found out that Matt and Zach couldn’t agree on a farm and instead had a serious fight. Now that the last season is coming to an end, TLC fans would like to know if and when the 24th season will be released. As subscribers know, TLC has not yet announced a new season, but it is known that the network is waiting until the last minute to do so. Fortunately, two insiders, Chris and Amy, told ET Online that they signed up for two more seasons back in January, allowing fans to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

The idea of having at least two more seasons of “Little People, Big World” is exactly what fans needed to hear. Many fans have watched the show since its first premiere in 2006 and are eager to see how the entire Roloff family lives their lives. The drama has undoubtedly intensified thanks to numerous mini-feuds in the family. Tori and Audrey Roloff were close, but they don’t talk anymore either. Even the twins, Jeremy and Zach, seem to have split up.

Currently, the followers of Little People, Big World are watching the season come to an end, and there is practically no solution for Zach and Matt Roloff. The eldest son said he moved his family an hour away to Battlefield, Washington to avoid a toxic relationship. Unfortunately, father and son hardly talk. If the 24th season is given the green light, fans hope that the cameras will catch up with all family members.