Why Little People, Big World Stars Tori & Audrey Roloff Don’t Get Along


Fans of the series “Little People, big world” want to find out why Audrey and Tori Roloff do not get along. The two relatives seemed to like each other in previous seasons, but over the years they have drifted apart. Despite the fact that Audrey is no longer in the series, it seems that there is a strong dislike between the two women.

Tori became an important part of Little People, Big World after she married Zach Roloff. She and Zach are the only couple who agreed to stay on the family show. Audrey also became part of the family by marrying Jeremy Roloff, but the couple decided to leave the TLC franchise in early 2018 as they wanted more privacy. Audrey always gave the impression of being a mean girl, and Tori seemed nice. They say that the two mothers had a close relationship, but over the years their dynamics have changed. Now it looks like they don’t even like hanging out.

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Years have passed since the Little People, the stars of the Big World came together in their views. The quarrel started over a Fourth of July party. Audrey excluded Zach and his family from the festivities, leaving an unpleasant taste in Tori’s mouth. Fans can’t help but wonder if the family farm has anything to do with the problems of the two brothers and their wives. While Tori and Audrey are Christians, Jeremy’s wife has extremely strong opinions and conservative views. Audrey recently celebrated the ban on wearing masks. The Tory, although still a Christian, seems much more liberal.

When Audrey was pregnant with her third child, most of the Roloff family took to social media to congratulate her, while Tori remained silent. The lack of an answer did not go unnoticed by Audrey. Fans will remember that in 2020 Tori mentioned that her daughter Laila has yet to meet her cousin Bode. While Zach and Jeremy were very close, it looks like this ship has sailed away as their wives are clearly feuding with each other. Audrey and Tori love to tease each other on their social networks. If Tori adds a post about her baby’s milestone, fans know Audrey will probably post a better one.

At the moment, the stars of “Little People” and “Big World” seem content to keep their distance from each other. Tori and Audrey don’t seem to be planning on fixing any fences. Along with Audrey, Tori is also feuding with her father-in-law Matt Roloff because he talks down to her husband. It looks like Laila may have to wait another year to meet her cousin while moms solve their problems.