Why Letterkenny never showed Shorsey’s face


Despite never revealing his identity, Shorzy became one of Letterkenny’s most iconic characters, but it was never clear why Letterkenny never showed Shorzy’s face. With a mysterious character starring in his own Hulu spin-off, speculation about exactly what he looks like has never been more relevant. However, in many ways, the fact that Shorsi has always remained hidden only adds to his mystique.

Shorsey appeared regularly throughout the 10 seasons of Letterkenny, playing from a comic character to a real antagonist. His abusive interjections are a characteristic feature of the show, as are his numerous acts of sabotage against opposing (and sometimes comrades) hockey players. As a result, he earned an infamous reputation explaining why the character is considered worthy of his own eponymous side show about Shoresi.

Although he is more of a minor character than the main character, Shorsey has a significant influence throughout the series. At first glance, this makes it even more of a mystery why Letterkenny never showed Shorsey’s face. As it turned out, there are several very good reasons for this decision. Firstly, the refusal to reveal his identity only adds to the legendary character, turning what could have been a stereotypical athlete into a much more interesting personality. In addition, the use of deliberate obfuscation allows Letterkenny to use effective repetitive jokes built around his hidden personality. However, perhaps the main reason why Letterkenny has never shown Shoresi’s face is because of who is playing this character.

Who plays Shorsey in Letterkenny?

Letterkenny Shorzy is actually played by none other than creator, writer and star Jared Kiso, albeit in disguise. To play this role, Kiso puts on a wig, deliberately raising his voice to add an extra layer to the deception. In many ways, the fact that the disguise isn’t really that complicated only contributes to the comedy surrounding Letterkenny’s character, as the adaptations needed to hide his face become increasingly obscure. On the contrary, Shorsey seeks to humanize the character, showing that he is a more comprehensive personality than previously imagined. Out of necessity, it was inevitable to show your face in this context.

Continuing to emphasize his comedic qualities, Kiso continues to play a role in the spin-off Shoresy. Being in a different place than Letterkenny to ensure that Kiso’s character would never cross paths with Wayne (the role he plays in the original series), Shorsey gave viewers the opportunity to get a proper look at the character’s face for the first time, which made him an important part of Letterkenny’s knowledge. However, despite the fact that his identity has now been revealed, there is no doubt that Shorsey’s hiding for so long has helped improve the series.