Why Kyle Richards from RHOBH is the Real Villain in the Battle of Crystal and Sutton


Kyle Richards isn’t as innocent as some “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans might think when it comes to the Sutton Strack and Crystal Kung Minkoff argument. Housewife OG always went unnoticed, but it was noted that Kyle is not always the most harmless. While she may be trying to fix fences, she also often finds herself knee-deep in trouble.

The Halloween star joined RHOBH back in 2010. Fans, best known as friends of RHOBH graduate Lisa Vanderpump, watched as over the years Kyle came out of the shadows and began to stand up for herself. Although she rarely finds herself at the center of a ladies’ drama, Kyle often sits precariously with her friends as they settle their disputes. When the screening of the 12th season of RHOBH began, some viewers wondered if Kyle was to blame for more than one perfect insult, which made many feel that the mother of four likes to mix with the drama.

Kyle is known for crying in situations that don’t concern her, which often makes her look insincere. While the fight between Sutton and Crystal seems to have begun to subside, Kyle didn’t help her by getting into the drama. In fact, many RHOBH fans started pointing the finger at how Kyle was actually stoking the fire when it came to Crystal’s deep-rooted emotions. Crystal tried to explain how she felt shut out during the 11th season of RHOBH when the band was at La Quinta, telling the women, “Guys, you’ll never admit someone’s feelings if you can’t understand them.” Instead of comforting her friend, Kyle chose to mock Crystal’s feelings, accusing them of being a “millennial.”

Kyle even had the audacity to call “Crystal” dramatic, which the audience did not like. They pointed out how Kyle over-dramatized her feelings when it came to robbing Dorit Kemsley and did it because of her. Kyle is no stranger to participating in the drama RHOBH. Whether she gossips or throws friends under the bus, Kyle often acts mean. Crystal wasn’t Kyle’s first victim. The reality TV star tried to get the entire group to pick Sutton while she was at her La Quinta home; ironically, Crystal turned him off. RHOBH fans are tired of Kyle following the band and stirring up minor dramas. Kyle’s passive-aggressive behavior and gaslighting don’t go unnoticed, but maybe Kyle is acting like this because she’s a boomer.

In the meantime, RHOBH fans will have to keep an eye on Kyle and her unholy deeds. There is a good chance that she will try to drive a wedge between Crystal and Sutton for her own entertainment and for the sake of the show. Although Kyle used to be a fan favorite, she is gradually becoming the least favorite among viewers.