Why Kobe from the 90-Day Fiance Should Be Furious About Emily’s Dishonesty


The star of “The 90-day groom” Kobi Blaze was furious because of Emily Biberli’s dishonesty towards her parents about their second pregnancy, and many fans believe that he is right when he gets upset. Kobe and Emily met when they were in China. The two were startled almost instantly. Soon Emily became pregnant, Kobe proposed, and she returned to the States to give birth to a son. Unfortunately, the pandemic prolonged their separation, and Emily gave birth to a son while Kobi was still in his native country, Cameroon.

Despite the distance, Kobe became very attached to his son. Nevertheless, it was difficult for the duo to compromise on relationships and parenting principles. Emily, being a mother for the first time, was a bit bossy with their son, and Kobe had a hard time adjusting to her new role in America. Within 90 days, Emily found out that she was pregnant with her second child, which she hid from her parents. After an argument about honesty and true intentions, Kobi lost patience.

In the upcoming previews, Kobi, separated from Emily, commented on her dishonesty with her parents. Emily’s parents explained that they didn’t want her to get pregnant again while she and Kobi were still living at home. Since her parents pay for the wedding, most of their living expenses and allow them to live rent-free, Emily hides the pregnancy from them. In fact, in order not to arouse suspicion, she bought a non-alcoholic beer to drink at their gatherings. However, although she does her best to hide the pregnancy, she questions Kobi about his true intentions.

In the Kobi culture, a man in a relationship makes all the important decisions, which does not suit the strong-willed Emily. Although Kobe from 90 Day FiancĂ© clearly didn’t share these concerns, Emily let the thoughts ruminate and cause a commotion between them. After Kobi’s friend Temperament visited them and sent Kobi a link to a studio apartment in Ohio, Emily was distraught at the thought of the collapse of the family structure. The cultural differences between the duo have caused some controversy, and it seems that Emily does not trust her colleague.

While Emily’s concern about their cultural differences is understandable, Kobe was willing to adjust to America and his role in the relationship, even if it means sleeping in a separate bed. However, Emily was more controlling and full of dishonesty – towards her parents and Kobi. 90-day-old Emily bought herself an expensive wedding ring after she stated that the couple did not have money for a new mattress. She stated that since she is currently the main source of income, she makes most of the decisions. In addition, Emily bluntly stated that Kobi could not tell anyone about the pregnancy and that they would not move for at least two years.

Kobi noted that it wasn’t their joint discussion, but it didn’t seem to matter. In fact, Emily seems to be sweeping under the carpet most of the double standards that Coby draws attention to. While Emily is concerned that Kobe wants to control her and be the “master of the house”, it seems that she is really threatened by the possibility of not controlling herself. When she complains about the possibility of double standards and the true intentions of Kobe’s 90-day-old fiance, Emily highlights the contradictions within herself. In the end, it looks like Kobe will do whatever is best for his children and future wife, which makes fans wonder if he will reveal the truth to Emily’s parents in future episodes of The 90-day Groom.


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