Why Kim’s Son Jamal Should Be Played in 90 Day: The Single Life Season 3


Fans are asking TLC to include Jamal Menzies in season 3 of the 90-day series “Bachelor Life” after falling in love with him in the 90-day Groom: Up to 90-day Season 5 and “Pillow Talk.” He appeared on both shows with his mother, actress Kimberly Menzies. When Kim appeared in season 5 of B90, fans were looking forward to seeing how her pursuit of her young “potential” boyfriend (rapper and returning actor Usman “Sojaboy” Umar) would work. However, fans were surprised by how much they enjoyed seeing her son Jamal during the show and Tell-All. He and his mother, appearing on Pillow Talk, expanded his fan base.

Reality TV star Jamal is Kim’s only child from a previous relationship, and she blames this doomed romance for her current trust issues since Jamal’s father cheated on her. In season 5 of Up to 90 Days, she flew to Tanzania to spend time with Usman while he was shooting a music video and see if they would have a good couple. Their trip was stormy, and fans were convinced that Usman was using Kim just to get more screen time. Previously, he participated in the same show with his ex-wife, Lisa “Baby Girl” Hamme, another elderly American. Kim was also criticized for behaving immaturely and trying to push Usman into an intimate relationship.

Kim believed that if their relationship improved, Usman needed to talk to Jamal via video chat and earn his favor. Although Jamal only appeared in the video chat during the season, he personally returned to the public eye. Jamal’s straightforward attitude (including a tendency to criticize Usman and his mother for their bad behavior) has earned him praise from fans who want to see him more. That’s why they think he should be in a spin-off of another franchise.

Jamal preserves reality

One particularly shocking moment from season 5 of B90 occurred when Kim tried to force Usman to have sex with her. Although bullying was unacceptable for many reasons, fans couldn’t believe it when Kim mentioned her son’s name. She claimed that Usman would not show respect to Jamal if he did not sleep with her or make her his “official” girlfriend. Jamal was the first to tell Kim that such behavior was inappropriate, and during the “Public Exposure” he called out his mother for bringing him into a situation he should never have gotten involved in. Fans believe that if he was on, he wouldn’t hold back. They think that he will always tell the truth to potential partners.

Jamal has emotional intelligence

While Jamal was quick to accuse Kim of disrespecting her, he never stopped rooting for her or showing her respect. He was her mainstay and confidant during her trip to Tanzania. When it was revealed that Usman had betrayed Kim by talking to his ex Zara after she went home, fans were moved by the sight of Jamal comforting his mother. Viewers believe that Jamal will be a great catch for anyone who wants to meet him, because he clearly supports those he loves. Fans will enjoy watching him look for a partner who will appreciate his gentle and caring nature.

Fans “respectfully look” at Jamal

One of the main reasons why viewers hope to see more of Jamal on screen is that fans and subscribers find him very attractive. His Instagram posts get a lot of love and many comment on how much they like to see him and his body. His status as “eye candy” is fixed in the minds of fans.

Kim is a “Monster in Law”?

Fans enjoyed watching the dynamics of Jamal and his mother in “Pillow Talk,” where their playful and loving relationship is in the spotlight, compared to the drama they participated in in “Up to 90 Days.” However, Kim’s immaturity and short temper have not gone away, and fans believe that she can be a difficult woman for her mother-in-law. This, of course, can lead to tension and drama in the 3rd season of the series “Day 90: The Bachelor” if Jamal really gets the role and starts looking for love on the screen. Fans are excited to see who will be featured in the next season of the spin-off, and hope to see more of Jamal and Kim soon.


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