Why Kevin Owens Wasn’t on Raw For Money in the Bank’s Qualifying Match


It was announced that Kevin Owens would participate in the June 27 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, but this Money In The Bank qualifying match against one of Elias, Ezekiel or Elrod did not take place. The match that took place in the title fight of the upcoming premium live event will apparently be rescheduled. It is unknown exactly when this fight will take place, but “Money in the Bank” will take place this Saturday.

Announcer Jimmy Smith quickly, almost casually, informed the Raw audience that the match would not take place and would be postponed to a later date. The broadcast did not name the reasons for this, but it does not seem that what prevented Owens from wrestling is anything serious. Ezekiel was on the show and was shown backstage with John Cena.

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In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said the following about Owens not appearing on Raw: “Whatever the situation is, it’s insignificant. But he wasn’t on the show, so Ezekiel’s match didn’t take place as originally planned… I didn’t check to see if Kevin Owens would be ready by Friday. I just know he wasn’t ready tonight, but they told me it was nothing serious. Maybe he can be ready by Friday and they can play this match.”

The July 1 episode of SmackDown will be WWE’s last chance for Owens and one of the E siblings to compete for a spot in Money In The Bank, given that the show will take place the next day. It seems unlikely that WWE would have booked this match earlier on the premium live event card and then determined the winner in a very physical Money In The Bank rating match. Also, if Owens can’t fight on Friday, it’s unlikely he’ll be ready to fight in 24 hours. It remains to be seen how WWE will handle this situation, but at the moment it is unclear when this match will take place.

Owens and Ezekiel have been feuding for quite some time, and somehow they managed to make this rather stupid program work. K.O. is outraged that Ezekiel does not recognize that he is the same person as Elias. That’s pretty much it, but both men were so dedicated to the cause that it made him click. They put entertainment segments in the middle of the map, which can’t be said about some of the other things that WWE is currently doing outside of the main event image. Money In The Bank will take place on July 2 at 20:00 Eastern European time and will be broadcast live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.