Why Katherine Heigl’s Planned Return Did Not Proceed


Katherine Heigl’s character debuted on ABC in 2005 on Grey’s Anatomy as a mid-season replacement, but was so well received by critics and viewers that she has lived on for more than 10 seasons.

She had a tumultuous relationship with Alex Karev, but one of her most memorable and tragic stories was that of Denny Duquette. Denny passed away, but left an inheritance of $ 8.7 million to Izzie, which she used to open a free clinic at Grey’s Anatomy hospital.

When rumors began about a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, fans were hoping it was one about Katherine Heigl’s Izzie, but it ended up being Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), a neonatal surgeon and ex-wife of Derek Shepherd.

Speaking with Katherine Heigl she shared that she hoped to get a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff series, it might have had something to do with Heigl’s bad reputation behind the scenes.

Katherine Heigl is known as a difficult person to work with, an Izzie spinoff show could have given her a better ending than Grey’s Anatomy came up with.

Ultimately, Private Practice didn’t have the desired impact and success, and while a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff about Izzie could have been better, who knows if it would have lasted long given Katherine Heigl’s reputation behind the scenes.

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