Why Kardashian Fans Are Still Hoping for Kim & Kanye Reconciliation


Kim Kardashian is still strong with Pete Davidson, but Kardashian fans are hoping she will reunite with Kanye West. It’s been more than a year since Kim filed for divorce from Kanye after several months of living together as a married couple. The couple has had a difficult relationship since the filing of the application, and Kanye expressed his dislike for Kim and Pete’s romance. But with Kim and Kanye returning to friendly relations in recent weeks, it reminds some fans of how much they enjoyed seeing them together.

Kanye spent weeks tormenting Kim and Pete on social media earlier this year because he was upset about their public relationship. Kim took her time before re-entering the dating group, despite the models Kanye was involved with after their divorce. But as soon as Kim was involved with Pete, Kanye began to publicly declare his love for Kim and his desire to restore their marriage. His requests turned into rage towards Pete after Kim ignored his advances and applied to officially become unmarried. Kanye finally gave up and stopped feuding with the couple after his erratic posts led to him being banned from Instagram for 24 hours and banned from attending the 2022 Grammy Awards ceremony.

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Now that Kim and Pete continue to gain strength, fans are increasingly convinced that Kim will eventually get tired of Pete and return to Kanye. The rap and fashion mogul still maintains close ties with Kim. Since they have four children, Kim and Kanye will always have to work together as co-parents while they raise their children. Elsewhere, Kim often depends on Kanye’s art skills when working on her professional projects. The SKIMS founder recently admitted that Kanye helped her create her SKKN skincare line. “My creative process wouldn’t have been completed— and I always give credit for what’s needed— without Kanye,” Kim wrote in an Instagram Story post taken down by Page Six. Elsewhere, Reddit user L_Awasneverthesame noticed that Kim recently wore the same hat as Kanye, just a few days after the rapper wore it. Kim paired the hat with a pair of Kanye Yeezy sneakers. “I’M TELLING YOU ALL, KIMYE IS STILL ALIVE!!!” The redditor was joking.

Given the 13-year age difference between Kim and Pete, fans believe that the couple will not last long. Pete, 28, is the first person Kim has dated since her divorce from Kanye, and although Pete brags about how madly in love with Kim, dedicating countless body tattoos to her, the 41—year-old mother of four’s life is very different from hers. comedian. The couple are famous celebrities, and Kim is a busy reality TV star and business mogul. Pete is a sought—after comedian and actor who recently left “Saturday Night Live” after several years of participating in the show. Pete has a history of dating older and younger women in Hollywood, but like most of his past romances, they don’t last long.

While Pete does a great job of keeping Kim smiling after her third divorce, fans think it’s only a matter of time before Kim gets tired of romance. Kanye is still an influential player in the entertainment industry, and Kim continues to speak highly of her ex-husband and his creative expression. Kanye is still involved in many of Kim’s business endeavors, which can make any man she meets feel a little intimidated by Kanye’s role in her life and career. Given Kim and Kanye’s close ties as parents and business partners, it will be difficult for The Kardashians star to fully adjust to life without Kanye. Fans hope for Kimye’s reconciliation, and rumors alone can affect Kim’s future with Pete.