Why Jolene’s friendship was so important to Beth Harmon


Throughout Lady’s Gambit Beth Harmon experiences many ups and downs in her professional and personal life, but after years apart, Jolene once again becomes an integral part of her life when Beth is struggling with a nervous breakdown.

Jolene is the only person who can help and encourage Beth because her friendship does not revolve around chess, but rather her shared experience as childhood orphans in Queen’s Gambit.

Many of Beth’s connections stem from her talent but Jolene meets Beth before she gains national and international recognition, so she is more in tune with Beth the human than Beth the chess player in Queen’s Gambit. .

When they meet again, Jolene, who has become a successful paralegal in her own right in Lady’s Gambit, calls Beth again about her drug and alcohol use and advises her to stop getting into that vicious cycle.

Jolene’s biggest contribution to Beth’s life and career in Lady’s Gambit is funding her trip to Russia after Beth turned down her sponsorship from Christian Crusade. Beth is shocked and calls Jolene her guardian angel.

In Lady’s Gambit, Jolene reminds him that they weren’t orphans as long as they had each other. They are essentially a family, and the family helps each other without question.

Jolene willingly spends on her law school savings to help Beth because she has kept pace with Beth’s career so she knows how much this upcoming Queen’s Gambit tournament means to her.

Jolene brings unconditional love and support to Beth and opens the eyes of most people who must work hard to achieve success, rather than simply being gifted with it. That’s why she can put Beth back on the right track in Lady’s Gambit.

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