Why Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Camilla Vasquez Reportedly Doesn’t Fit In with NBC News


Camilla Vasquez gained fame in 2022 as Johnny Depp’s lawyer during a defamation trial with ex-wife Amber Heard, although these days she doesn’t just work in a courtroom. Vasquez, who some might call the real winner in this case, used her notoriety in an appearance on NBC News. A few weeks ago, she debuted as a legal analyst on the network, during which she discussed the murders at the University of Idaho. Since then, there have been reports about how her new job has been transferred to other employees of the company. And, judging by the new rumors, Vasquez doesn’t quite fit into the entertainment conglomerate.

Apparently, Camilla Vasquez is not in the good graces of her colleagues right now for one specific reason. It was widely reported that NBC News had to lay off some of its employees back in January. In particular, it is reported that at the beginning of the new year, the store had to cut 75 jobs. Given this information, Vasquez’s hiring timeline doesn’t look good for other employees, according to RadarOnline. The source of the site commented on the situation:

Poor Camilla arrived at the wrong time. The week she arrived, a double-digit number of workers were laid off, but NBC found the money to hire a 38-year-old beauty queen!

As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time that news network employees have been accused of picking on Camille Vasquez. A few weeks ago, it was reported that employees were unhappy with her hiring because of her previous involvement in the aforementioned defamation lawsuit. Presumably, in the eyes of employees, the decision to bring in Vasquez actually undermines the company’s previous coverage of the case, which included a 30-minute documentary titled “Marriage on Trial: Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and the Truth in the Age of Social Media.” .

The unnamed employee also went so far as to say that her work at the network is “unfortunate” because now she “puts her on a par with journalists” working for NBC. According to the report, another anonymous employee even submitted a handwritten complaint to management during the hiring process. Such statements, of course, at the moment can be perceived only with a degree of skepticism. However, it’s hard to deny that there is a common thread between these past rumors and this new report.

Against the background of the stated resistance, the star of Camilla Vasquez continues to rise both in the entertainment and in the legal field. After Johnny Depp achieved a positive decision in his case, Vasquez was promoted to partner at her law firm Brown Rudnick. She also became quite famous thanks to the case of Depp and Amber Heard. Some even called her a “Wonder Woman” after she helped an elderly woman on a flight. So, according to NBC reports, there is an interesting dichotomy here: Vasquez praises part of the public and allegedly dislikes part of her colleagues.

It is fair to assume that Camilla Vasquez will behave as usual amid rumors. And if the negative noise were true, one can only imagine how NBC would decide to deal with such contradictions among its employees.


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