Why Joe Keary is as beloved as his character from “Very Strange Cases” Steve Harrington


Every show has a fan favorite, and in Very strange cases it could be Steve Harrington. Although the character started as a guest star in the first season, the beloved high school student joined the main cast in the second season and has remained there ever since, forever wedged into the hearts of fans. He is often considered the nanny of the main group of children of the cast, he takes care of his friends with an ardent loyalty that has now won the hearts of millions.

Harrington may be fictional, but the actor who plays him, Joe Keary, is very real and can be just as perfect. Here’s a deeper dive into why.

He protects his junior colleagues

Just like Steve Harrington looks out for his younger friends in Hawkins, Indiana, Kiri looks out for his fellow cast members wherever they go. Last month, fans swooned when co-star Caleb McLaughlin reminded viewers of the time when Kiri defended co-star Finn Wolfhard at Comic Con in San Diego in 2017 after moderator Patton Oswalt told the young actor that he had “the greatest porn name of all time.” Kiri told Wolfard, who was 14 at the time, to ignore it and then looked at Oswalt, who later apologized.

Commenting on this this year, McLaughlin called Kiri’s behavior “truly a source of inspiration,” saying that “Joe is really a mom, bro.”

He makes music

Kiri announced his second music album under the pseudonym “Djo” last month, which is due to be released on September 16. The new album Decide will follow his 2019 release Twenty Twenty and will begin with the release of his lead single “Change,” on June 22. Although Steve Harrington is not a musician in the series, fans on Twitter were excited to learn more about Kiri’s talents when one user tweeted: “Why I just found out that Joe Keary makes music, he’s become even cooler. ”

He has a charming relationship with his girlfriend

Although Steve Harrington broke up with his girlfriend a long time ago, Kiri’s personal life is not so boring. The actor has been dating Mika Monroe for almost five years — GQ reports that they first met at a party in 2017. In the same year, they became friends while working together on the film “After Everything”, and later published their novel on “Very Strange Things”. season 2 premiere. Although they keep their relationship aloof from social media, the couple is known for charming red carpet appearances, and in 2020 Monroe even photographed Kiri for the start of his Joe music career.

He’s the best character in “Stranger Things,” and the fans REALLY don’t want him to die.

As fans prepare to watch the final two episodes of season four this weekend, the anxiety surrounding Steve Harrington’s future is higher than ever before. “If Steve Harrington dies this season, you’ll never hear from me again,” one fan wrote. Before the release of the finale, Netflix placed billboards with the inscription “Protect Steve”.

Optimistic fans hope that this is a sign that the character will survive, but even Kiri himself may not know the ending of the show. When ET spoke to him at the Season 4 premiere in May, Kiri said that most of the cast remains in the dark until the show’s release. “For us, we’re only shooting one of the storylines, so when we watch the episodes, at least I speak for myself, I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m just watching this as a fan. not to see any of this in a day. So it’s really fun,” he said.