Why Jamie’s Ghost is a Key to the Series Finale


Claire and Jamie Fraser’s story will end with the ghost that first appeared in the first episode of Outlander. But what is the meaning of Jamie’s ghost?

Fans have been speculating for years about the importance of the ghost and it seems that it may be involved in a final act that is not going to be to the liking of anyone who has watched every season of the series.

Diana Gabaldon hinted that he has “unfinished business” that may explain why he looks at Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) before she travels back in time. Could he be tasked with luring Claire to the stones at Craigh Na Dun, starting a series of events leading up to her meeting?

This will likely spark a lot more speculation about Jamie’s ghost from fans. What unfinished business could Jamie have before he can stay on Earth?

Not only are we dealing with the matter of his mortal sins, but all that was left to finish may also come to an end. The author on several occasions commented that “any pending issues that she has” will be revealed.

This will likely spark a lot more speculation about Jamie’s ghost from fans.

Could Claire go on living when Jamie dies and he has to make sure she’s safe? Jamie’s unfinished business could show Claire how much you love her before moving on and waiting for her on the other side.

It’s worth noting that Diana confirmed that Jamie’s ghost is 25 years old. This would probably be how old he was when the Battle of Culloden took place. Could it have any connection to this fact? Maybe, just maybe. We can only wait for the sixth season and answer our own questions.

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