Why Jacob Elordi Went To The Mattresses To Try To Smoke In Netflix The Kissing Booth


Since “Kissing Booth” was released on Netflix in the summer of 2018, Jacob Elordi has instantly become a teen heartthrob. Since then, the Australian actor has finished the trilogy, but recently, reflecting on his career, Elordi admitted that he went “to war” because of one aspect of the role that was excluded: smoking.

The Kissing Booth is based on the novels by Beth Rickles. Speaking about how he was preparing for his role in the hit Netflix, Jacob Elordi recalled how he looked very carefully at the source material, and when one detail was removed for the film, he informed the producers about it. Although he admitted to GQ that it seems a bit “absurd” these days, he was taken by the fact that Noah Flynn didn’t smoke in movies after the character was in the book. According to him:

I thought: this is nonsense! I remember going to war because of that. I thought, “Are we lying to these damn millions of 14-year-olds?” This guy smokes nicotine. Here on the fourth page it says — look! I guess people were like, “Jesus, damn it, Christ.” Is this guy serious?

Elordi shared that he remembers thinking Noah needed to smoke in movies because he does it in books, and he wanted to show how “bad guy” this character was. However, Netflix decided that in films that have become super popular on the streaming site, this will not happen. “Kissing Booth 2” is still among the top ten most popular Netflix original films (based on the first 28 days) two years after its release. Elordi continued:

For me, acting is breathing. I didn’t graduate from university, barely finished high school. All I know is from the books I’ve read and the plays I’ve read.

Although Noah Flynn has never smoked, Joey King recently admitted that she was very excited about the cast during the filming of the latest film. She even pointed out one scene in which she is definitely baked. You can watch The Kissing Booth movies right now with a Netflix subscription.

Along with “Kissing Booth”, which ended last year with “Kissing Booth 3” and ended with a bittersweet finale, Jacob Elordi also became famous for his role as Nate Jacobs in the series “Euphoria”, the second season of which was in the midst of the year. In a more mature depiction of teenagers, where Elordi and Sydney Sweeney filmed nude scenes, the actor shared that he watched documentaries about sharks to prepare, and went to gyms where TikTokers trained and used this behavior observation for the role.

It’s clear that Jacob Elordi takes acting seriously, even if he realizes how seriously he took it just a few years ago. It’s true that fans pay attention to details like smoking when they watch adaptations of the book to the movie, so he’s not too off course. Now that he’s finished the Netflix teen romance, I’m certainly curious where the actor will show his perseverance in the character image next.


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