Why isn’t Halstead in Prison for Killing a Girl?


Chicago producer P.D., has explained the reason why Halstead accidentally murdered a girl in a shooting and the reason why he was not imprisoned, something that still continues to surprise all viewers.

The popular Chicago series P.D., is preparing for the premiere of its episode 5 of season 8 this February 3, which is titled, “In the care of him.”

But this time we will talk about the death of the girl that happened with Jay Halstead’s gun (Jesse Lee Soffer), this happened in the first episode of season 5 called “Reformation”, which Jay Halstead was in a shooting and one of his bullets accidentally hits a little girl.

This episode was also a crossover with Chicago Med, which the girl was in the hospital, but she could not survive the gunshot wound she had suffered, so Internal Affairs begins the investigation of what happened. Check out this sad clip if you don’t remember.

Was it Jay Halstead who murdered her?

This happened after the death of Erin (Sophia Bush), in the Jay Halstead he will have to face another hard blow that happened by his hands accidentally, after inquiries from Internal Affairs, it was possible to verify that, if it was with his 9mm gun, which is used by policemen.

The producer of the series spoke the following: “It should be done in this way, so that viewers could see the accidents that can occur with those who exercise the police career.”

These episodes hinted that Halstead would also get out of the police for all the things that had been happening to him, as he was about to get lost in the dark. It was without a doubt a great and sad episode in the life of this character.


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