Why Isaac Plath gets a negative reaction because of a photo that shows a bird


Many “Welcome to Plattville” fans are unhappy with Kim and Barry Platt’s youngest son, Isaac Platt, because he flipped the bird in a recent photo. Isaac always gave the impression of a good guy with solid moral guidelines. However, recent photos have angered fans and presented Isaac in a new (and more rebellious) light.

In recent episodes, more than ever before, Isaac has been able to show the fans his personality. Now that Ethan and Micah Plath no longer live at home, Isaac is an older brother who has something to prove. Isaac was forced to side with his mother Kim during an argument with Ethan. Time and time again, Isaac resisted his older brother Ethan to protect Kim’s honor. Fans could see that Isaac wanted to do only what was right. However, in recent months, viewers have noted that he has started to get a little cranky.

Walking in Thomasville, Georgia, just 18 minutes from his hometown of Cairo, Georgia, Isaac shared that he met his sister Moria Plath, who was visiting the city. The photos of Moriah and her younger brother Isaac were mostly cute, but some viewers disapproved of them, posting angry emoticons covering Isaac’s middle finger. Fans of “Welcome to Platteville” immediately condemned the young pilot for such an immature act. In the already deleted comments, Isaac responded to his haters, writing that he does not allow the “world to corrupt” him. Followers also began to question his religious beliefs, but Isaac again took care to correct the followers. He said: “You can’t tell what my relationship with God is by one post.”

It looks like Isaac was trying to look like a cool 16-year-old. The blonde reality star was wearing a baseball cap, khaki shorts and a blue polo shirt. So even though he may have been pretending to be a little wild, he still looks very young and he has a lot to learn. This isn’t the first time he’s been hanging out with Moria since she left home. Some fans can’t help but wonder if her independent lifestyle without rules is beginning to influence an impressionable teenager.

Despite posing for questionable photos, the “Welcome to Plattville” star still plans to get a pilot’s license soon so he can work for a cargo company. Because of the problems in the family, Isaac made sure to help his younger sisters through the difficult times ahead. Fans hope that he does not teach little girls his graphic poses, as some may be offended.


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