Why is TikTok banned in Japan?


After the USA and India, Japan also started discussing banning the Chinese social media application TikTok. So why is Japan preparing anti-TikTok laws? Why is TikTok wanted to be banned in all countries?

After the USA, now Japan is discussing the ban on TikTok implementation in public institutions and among security forces. They also want to raise awareness of private companies and the public to prevent the rise of TikTok across the country. The reason for this is the US espionage charge against TikTok. According to the US administration, TikTok is a spying app that transmits information to Chinese intelligence units. For this reason, public personnel and security forces in the USA were banned from using TikTok. India, which was on the verge of “nuclear” war with China, took the same ban.

China’s eternal enemy, Japan, is now preparing to make this decision. Politicians working on this decision in Japan also plan to ban other Chinese services. This decision can be devastating for China and TikTok because TikTok is also generating very strong and substantial income in Japan. With China losing TikTok, it will not be easy to launch a new social media application that will attract worldwide attention. In a sense, the US continues to outweigh TikTok and China through its allies. A simple dance practice, let’s answer for those who ask how important it can be for China. What Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple mean for the USA, TikTok and similar social media / technology services are the same value for China. The USA, which does not want China to have a voice in the digital world, does not want to lose its advantage in marketing, trade and cultural hegemony, therefore does not allow Chinese applications to rise.

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