Why is the Rocky Horror Sequel so popular? Remake Brad & Janet Majors


Being a vague sequel to The Rocky Horror Horror Show, its sequel included the return of talents and the reworking of others, including the main characters Brad and Janet Majors. The aptly named “Shock Therapy” became a cult film, but not as famous and iconic as its predecessor, but the second act of a double sci-fi film. Under the direction of Richard O’Brien, the screenwriter of the original Rocky Horror, the project struggled to reunite the cast, continue the story and recreate the magic of the previous classic midnight matinee.

The action of Shock Treatment, released in 1981, took place in the American town of Denton, which has now turned into a futuristic TV studio. After appearing on a game show parodying the “Newlyweds Game”, Brad and Janet were separated by television fame in the “sequel” of the Rocky Horror show. While Brad was held hostage by a show based on a psychiatric hospital, Janet became interested in the career of a superstar singer. The famous couple from the Rocky Horror horror show did not know that they were part of a comically sinister conspiracy. Despite the fact that it is not as famous as the previous film, “Shock Therapy” is still a relevant and enjoyable film with memorable musical numbers, humor and anticipatory views on what will eventually become a reality show.

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Being the successor to the Rocky Horror Horror Show, the film took a lot of liberties with the plot, setting and even the cast in an attempt to do something new. Although some names have returned, such as Richard O’Brien, the film with other former graduates proved difficult to cast. Starting production three years after the Rocky Horror Horror Show found success as a mannered horror title, there was a lot of time for something to change, the actors moved on, and the climate in the world of cinema changed. Shock Treatment had to creatively approach its premise and casting if it planned to become the Rocky Horror Show movie that Richard O’Brien so passionately wanted to make.

All actors of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Shock Therapy

Originally conceived as a more traditional sequel with the return of Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Jonathan Adams as Dr. Scott, neither of them wanted to return. However, while working on a new script, O’Brien tried to tell a different story with other characters from the Rocky Horror Show Brad and Janet Majors. Although, unfortunately, Shock Treatment had to redo the main couple of the series. Barry Bostwick was unavailable at the time. Instead, the role was inherited by Cliff De Young, originally chosen by O’Brien for the role of Brad. For the role of Janet Majors, when Susan Sarandon’s career declined, she demanded more money. Due to the limited budget and problems that arose after the strike of the Screen Actors Guild in the 1980s, Jessica Harper, known for the film “The Ghost of Paradise”, became the new Janet.

Although there were notable absences in the original cast, such as Tim Curry in the sequel “Rocky Horror”, Richard O’Brien, who played Riff Raff, and other graduates of the film appeared in “Shock Therapy”. Although O’Brien offered roles to people who participated in his original stage performance, he, Nell Campbell and Patricia Quinn returned as other characters after the first film, as did several Transylvanian extras. Jeremy Newson was the only one who reprised his role as Ralph Hapshatt in Shock Therapy. Although this was not the intended reunion of the actors, the film still saw a significant return of love, talent and cast from the original┬áRocky Horror.

The Rocky Horror horror show and its iconic cast are difficult acts. Shock Treatment may have had to remake its main characters and get creative with its premise, but it was a project made with love despite the obstacles it had to overcome. It wasn’t a traditional reunion, but unlike the 2016 remake with the return of Tim Curry, Shock Treatment was a passionate successor.