Why is the Facebook boycott not over? It still continues!


As you know, in June, there was a boycott of “not advertising” with the participation of giant companies for Facebook. Although this boycott ended as of September, some companies continue to “Facebook boycott”. Why do McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike and other companies still boycott? How is the Facebook boycott?

How about the Facebook boycott: will things not improve?

Two months ago, under the name “Stop Hate for Profit Facebook ad boycott”, major companies stopped advertising on Facebook in an attempt to stop hatred and discrimination. According to the new report published in BrandTotal, despite the end of the boycott, many brands such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, Unilever and Diageo do not continue to advertise on Facebook and Instagram, despite the end of the boycott.

The research reports the developments on July 1 and September 3. There are also companies that boycotted at first and continued to advertise afterwards. These include Chipotle and Sony. For those who do not know about the event, companies briefly; A change in Facebook’s approach to dealing with hate and misinformation started a boycott. In total, around 1,100 brands and companies stopped advertising to the social media giant.

Some brands, such as Target and Best Buy, decided to restart advertising spending after July. Others have extended the boycott until September, and many still do not plan to continue advertising on Facebook anytime soon.

According to Publicis trade strategy manager Jason Goldberg, the reasons for this include the coronavirus outbreak. The companies that prepared their advertising plans for 2020 had already left Facebook out, and they say they will return to Facebook in 2021, in their future plans.

Although it is not clear why some companies continue this boycott, the Coca-Cola spokesperson said that the brand will continue to monitor every platform and gradually reenter social media.


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