Why is the character Gilderoy Lockhart memorable?


When you think of the Hogwarts professors, there are quite a few that instantly spring to mind but, for whatever reason, Gilderoy Lockhart is someone who is remembered more often than he probably should.

He was Harry’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in his sophomore year, Gilderoy was a celebrity for his ability to take on the wizarding world.

The problem is that it was all a lie. All Gilderoy did was lie, and he even tried to make his students forget that he was not the man they thought he was, but the spell failed because he used Ron Weasley’s broken wand.

So why do we remember it so much? It’s probably partly due to Kenneth Branagh, the actor who also directs some of the most beautiful films, brought Gilderoy to life in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, giving the role so much energy that it made me like Gilderoy a little more than when they read. the books.

That being said, it’s still not great by any means. But part of the reason we brought it up is because it shows a flaw in the wizarding world and particularly Hogwarts. They basically have an honor system. If someone wants to teach something, they can! No questions were really asked.

Notably, for a wizarding school that helps educate the future of the wizarding world this seems questionable.

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