Why is Superman wearing a black suit in Justice League?


Filmmaker Zack Snyder delves into why Superman wears a dark-hued suit instead of the original after his return.

The official trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League last Sunday continues to speak for the multitude of new details that it has shown to fans, including more sequences of Superman with the black suit, a clear reference to the comics of DC of the Man of Steel, although in this case with a symbology, to some extent, different. This is how Zack Snyder himself explains in a recent talk on the YouTube channel I Minutemen.

Premiere on HBO Spain on March 18

Thus, the director does not clarify whether the black suit in the film has the same functions as the same suit in the comics; Let’s remember that the so-called Recovery Suit or Black Suit from the comics allows Superman to recover solar energy after his resurrection, thus accelerating his recovery and protecting the Man of Steel from certain threats. According to Snyder, we will have to discover more about the black suit in the film, although it advances a basic concept about its reason for being: the black suit is his link to Krypton and his family, while the traditional suit “represents his place on Earth ”.

On the black suit, “You can say that on modern Krypton, when it disappeared, everyone was wearing a black suit. Mostly. It’s kind of a link to the old world of his. I think it’s a more direct relationship with his family, “says Snyder of the new outfit Henry Cavill will wear in the new Justice League. “In many ways, the blue suit represents your place on Earth. The blue suit is his hero suit, the suit tied to his destiny, while the black suit is more personal in many ways, ”he concludes.

Will we discover some kind of extra functionality in the movie like in the comics? And it is that the black suit could also be a direct reference to the cartoons with his return to life after his death, something that happened in Batman v Superman and that was already seen, in some way, in the theatrical version of Justice League .


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