Why is Stray not available on Xbox or Game Pass


Stray is currently playable on PC and PlayStation, but Xbox is another matter. In the run-up to the launch, PlayStation users were wondering if the PS Plus update for Stray was worth it. On the other hand, Xbox players wondered if the game would even be released on their platform.

Stray has been a huge hit so far. During the first 24 hours after the release, the number of simultaneous players on Steam exceeded 60,000 people, and probably the real number of players will be much higher if you add them to the number of players on consoles. The action of the feline adventure game takes place in the dystopian world of cyberpunk, in which parkour and stealth are used to complete missions; there are also many interactions that players can use to obtain important information. Independent American publisher Annapurna Interactive has arranged a real pop-up cat cafe in New York for Stray to celebrate the successful launch of the game together with fans.

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While many who have been given the opportunity to play Stray are having fun, Xbox players cannot experience it because it is not available in the Microsoft store or in the Game Pass. It was originally supposed to be launched on Xbox because it was supposed to be released on PC, but this is not always the right indicator. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Stray won’t end up on Xbox in one form or another.

Stray may be released on Xbox later

At the moment, Stray has an exclusive contract with PlayStation, which means that Xbox users are out of luck so far. If players do not have access to a PS4, PS5 or PC on which to run the game, there is no other way to play it. However, if people just want to follow the plot and find out details, for example, whether the cat is dying in Stray, they can turn to YouTube or other streaming platforms to watch the full walkthroughs. While this information may disappoint, there is still hope that the game may appear on Xbox at some point in the future, as well as other exclusives.

Recall that Stray is only available on some PlayStation consoles and on PC via Steam. There is currently no information on whether or when it will launch on Xbox, but there are certainly still changes, especially if it continues to have the same success as it has so far. The developer, BlueTwelve Studio, may have ambitions to expand Stray’s horizons and bring the game to even more players, but first the exclusivity time must pass.