Why is Mia Khalifa banned in Lebanon?


We know Mia Khalifa as a model and former sportscaster, but what did she do to get banned in Lebanon?

We know Mia Khalifa as a Lebanese-American webcam model and former porn actress. She is also known for exposing the predatory business practices that abound in the porn industry. She talked a lot about how she felt exploited, and then she left the industry.

She is now a webcam model and makes a living primarily from her OnlyFans account. She has been in the news lately for her activism towards Lebanon, her home country. Her streak of activism began with a public expression of her regret for being in the porn industry.

Khalifa’s recent activist ties to Lebanon

Mia Khalifa has especially expressed how biased and exploitative the financial aspect of the industry is, how she made very little money compared to the other Pornhub actresses. Since then, she has been very interested in using her platform and reach to spark positive action towards charitable causes.

One of the most pronounced examples of this was her recent tirade after the unfortunate explosion in Beirut. The model used the power of her influence and reach to raise awareness of the damage the blasts had caused and to raise funds for the support of those affected by the blasts.

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The Lebanese government has resigned. Parliament is next. By choice or by force, either way, Lebanon has had enough while simultaneously having NOTHING. 6 days left on the auction for the original mia khalifa glasses to 100% benefit the @lebaneseredcross. Head to the link in my bio and let’s try to make a positive difference. Keep bidding, keep sharing, keep following accounts like @lebaneseredcross @beiruting @rimafakih @mouin.jaber @ginoraidy @thawramap @impact.lebanon @rebuilding.gemmayze @lebfoodbank. Keep sharing the links for fundraisers by the people, for the people, and DO NOT DONATE A SINGLE PENNY TO THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT BACKED ORGANIZATIONS. The ones who hoard relief money, medical supplies, and food- only to re-sell to the Lebanese people at a 150% mark up. The ones who sit behind and watch the famine, economic collapse, and displacement of their own people on tv from their vacation homes in London, France, and Australia. Ban these pigs from every country in the world until they’re forced to live the same lifestyle they’ve imposed on the people in Lebanon.

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In order to raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross, Khalifa put her glasses, which she is known to wear in her pornographic videos, at an eBay auction for $ 100,000, along with a signed Polaroid and some other personal effects.

Mia Khalifa is banned in Lebanon

The former adult film actress has a tattoo of the Lebanese national anthem, but this was not received positively in her country, where her career choices have made her something of an outcast. She mentioned that her parents are separated due to their choices.

To make matters worse, Khalifa has also been blocked by the country’s president. However, that has not deterred her efforts to protect and serve her country. Even as early as 2017, Mia tweeted: “Happy Independence Day to the country I love, but don’t really love me.”

She likes her country and would visit it every summer if she could. Unfortunately, being banned in the country prevents it. But her love for her country is quite unshakable. She shares: “No one can take that away from me. I was born there, I grew up there. It’s my culture, it’s my heritage, it’s my lineage ”.

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