Why is Mia Khalifa asking to delete all her videos?


This is the reason why Mia Khalifa has asked to delete all the videos in which she appeared as an adult film actress.

Mia Khalifa’s request to have her porn videos removed has received a fair amount of support from various parts of the world. Mia Khalifa started acting in porn in October 2014 and in December she was ranked the most viewed artist on the Pornhub website.

In January 2015, Khalifa signed a long-term contract with BangBros’ parent company, WGCZ Holding, which also owns the largest free porn site, XVideos. The contract required him to act in several movies each month. However, two weeks later, Khalifa changed his mind and resigned.

The model now wants all of her porn videos removed, although she voluntarily became part of the industry as an adult. She has now expressed her regret for being a part of it, claiming to have made just $ 12,000 despite becoming one of the most sought after artists on Pornhub.

Recently, Mia Khalifa tweeted saying that “her videos would haunt her until she dies.” The cruelest fallacy in the porn industry is that people consider it highly paid from the outside, but many stars leave the industry as poor as they entered.

Mia Khalifa Says She Was Tricked By BangBros

The former adult film actress feels misled by claiming that BangBros continues to cash in on scenes for which she was only paid once. On the other hand, Mia Khalifa recently claimed that one of her BangBros clips was released online despite assurances that it would not be made public.

She made this accusation against BangBros while responding to a concerned netizen on social media. In a post, Twitter user @ Banankongen2 pointed out how BangBros once ‘tried to force’ Khalifa to perform a sex act even though she was in great pain.

“Tell me they weren’t taking advantage of her,” the social media user posted. Mia Khalifa responded to the Twitter user and said that the porn video @ Banankongen2 was referring to was shot with a smartphone and was allegedly released despite being told by BangBros that it would not be made public.

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